Spring. Students. Polytechnic. What unites these words? Of course it’s the "Labyrinth". A tourist game "Labyrinth" has already  become traditional  for KPI. This event is long-awaited  for many sports, tourism and healthy recreation supporters. The "Labyrinth -2014. Spring" wasn’t an exception. 11 teams that  gathered together in "Polytechnic" had been competing for three days. The organizers prepared  a lot of new and interesting tests. Neither the  weather nor competitive spirit stopped courageous and inspired participants!

The "Labyrinth" has been gathering friends around the campfire by the sides of the Kyiv Sea for many years. The permanent team members come here each year and  many newcomers join them. This is one of those projects where you can test yourself and learn all about your friends, because the game teaches how to support, help and win in a team.

The "Labyrinth" has several competition stages. A novelty was the "Night Quest". It was a Friday evening, the participants made ​​a little  acquaintance with the teams, a fireplace and songs with a guitar. The students were positively minded and patriotic and sang the Ukrainian anthem  before the competition. The weather did not disappoint and created the most favorable conditions for the game. One of the tests was to cross the lake of mud. There were stages where the teams practiced building a fire, demonstrated  skills in providing health care, night orientation.

The second competition day was held in intensive mode. There were kayaking, shooting. The stage of rope crossing is traditional ("Trolley", "butterfly", etc..), participants had to demonstrate skills of sports tourism, physical fitness, ability to focus and balance. The Captains’ competitions were introduced  at the "Labyrinth". This is one of the moments when  a captain has to show his leadership skills, potential to organize a team and lead it to victory. Some contests were rather humorous: throwing eggs and obstacle zone.

The students played football and volleyball, singing songs with a guitar and shared experiences in their spare time. Each day was ended with amusements,  disco at the beach! We would dance until the morning, but cloudbursts adjusted the plans. However it didn’t spoil the overall mood, fun and positive emotions because the "Labyrinth" is the sea of good mood, drive and incredible sensations.

The competition is finished, it’s time to sum up results and announce the winners. The team of "la la la" (1st hostel) won in "Night Quest". In the overall ranking on the results of all competitions: I place - 10th hostel, II and III respectively got teams of the 1st hostel "La la la" and "Old school".

The "Labyrinth" has been an initiative of Campus "KPI" for many years. It is produced with the active support of the Directorate campus, tourist club "Skif" and the Kyiv City Centre for Youth Social Services.

Inf.of Administration of campus
Translator: Марина Степаненко ЛА-13