This summer, the KPI students and staff had the opportunity to spend a splendid time in "Polytechnic", which is on the shore of the Kiev Sea. Over the past two years, the area around completely renovated dormitories walked its way through a decent improvement. Now, there are flower beds, new tracks, elements of the park design. There was built a playground for kids, brought water to houses and created a seating area. Finally, there was created a beach. It was built, indeed, for, today, it is not a strip of sand washed away by the morning storm. It is a complete hydraulic engineering construction of dams, alluvial sand, lifeguard towers, steps to the water, sun loungers, parasols, summer showers, drinking water, toilets, changing cabins and small kiosks. In summer, there was strengthened a fairway, cleaned the bottom, the lifeguard passed special trainings. In short, the camp management fulfilled all the requirements of the MOE, and received all needed documents before the holiday season had started. By the way, only 4 out of 22 lodges located on the shore of the Kiev Sea have permits to operate the beaches, among them – the KPI camp.

Speaking to the director of student health camp "Polytechnic" Igor Pavlovich Kucheriaviy (pictured): The camp is the second child in his life, which he tries to improve. First it was a tourist club "SKIF", which is popular for its youth events known not only with the polytechnics, but also with local tourists. Igor Pavlovich is now its honorary president. Former military man, though, an educated teacher, he used to set clear objectives and promptly and responsibly reach them. "However small the steps are, you need to keep going. There is motion as long as a person develops, and motion means life" - he says. He always keeps his word. For instance, in early August, as expected, there was run a Wi-Fi connection, which amused the tourists.

Over the period from 29.06 (first shift opening) to 8.09, when we had our meeting there rested about 250 people – those having vouchers and on weekends. The sale of vouchers for the first three shifts enriched the university by 35 000 uah . "However, - says the director – the money are then spent on the camp. Old energy-intensive equipment in the kitchen and boiler need to be replaced, this will result in reduced electricity bills." There are constant works on improving the camp, it is planned to make it profitable in a two-year time. University Administration and campus support the initiative. In the near future, they aim at diluting underbrush, cleaning the lake and running fish there.

For those who don’t know, the lake is the oasis of untouched nature on the territory of the camp. After several severe winters beavers came back here, then Boris the badger and Yasha the boar appeared (who likes being treated in the kitchen), two raccoons, squirrels, bats, and rabbits never even died out here. Within some time there will be created a zoo corner for the visitors. And the director wants veterans and honorary workers to have benefits at our camp.

The staff is efficient and hardworking here. "Treat people in a way you want them to treat you" - says the director who does not avoid physical work when needed. His best assistant is Alyona Kravchenko, camp administrator, FACS graduate. She takes care of all internal problems of the camp. Judging by how friendly vacationers welcome her and start the conversation with her, she’s good at her job. "It's just that very few people know about our camp and its facilities - complains Alyona. Apparently, we need gather to gather here not only students, but also dean deputies etc., so that they could see the benefits firsthand".

Among employees "Polytechnic" is known as a place for a family rest. "A quiet hunt", strolls down the beautiful forest paths, gathering mushrooms and berries, fishing – everything is available here. This year, the camp even entered into an agreement with State Fishery Supervision under which the boats in the registry can be can be used for fishing purposes in the waters of the reservoir.

The "Polytechnic" regularly holds university and city sports competitions. In summer, it is a resort place for university sports teams. The third shift accommodated the players of university rugby team. But instead of having a good rest, they trained three times a day under supervision of Denbnovetskiy L. V., a senior team coach, and Sabitova O. S., a coach, teacher of the same chair. However, athletes did not murmur. On the contrary, they liked surrounding nature, equipped rooms, tasty food and the opportunity to recover from stress in sauna or on the beach. The team managers are also grateful to camp administration, students union for support provided for their wards. They believe that the sports meetings held here promote the development of physical and technical abilities of rugby players. "It's just that the stadium is a little too small for our boys - half-jokingly, half seriously said O.S.Sabitov. – If you increased the size of the field a little, everything would be OK ".

Significant improvements in the camp have been marked by L.V.Denbnovetskyy. He is pleased that there is such a convenient training base with great living and training conditions, where his experienced young students can live like one entire family. The elderly delegate their experience to the young, the latter tend to resemble their more experienced colleagues. Therefore, the team acts efficiently. At the Third All-Ukrainian student sports games of rugby-7, held in summer with 12 competing teams, Polytechnic took the third place.

The camp "Polytechnic" awaits guests at any time of the year: you can not only relax here, but also take part in educational programs, trainings, seminars etc. Another important point is its convenient location - half an hour away from the city. So, we hope that the ambitious plans of the management will come true and we will be happy to come to this pine kingdom.