Викладачі - дослідники

Young teacher-researcher Victoria Vorobyov

Time passes by fast. Realities and priorities change. For example, metallurgy of the last century was associated with heavy and dangerous men's labor. Today scientists who explore and rimprove metallurgical technologies are often fragile girls and elegant women.

Valeriy Ivanovich Deshko is 70

On September 22, 2017, the Head of the Department of Heat Engineering and Energy Conservation IEE Valeriy Ivanovich Deshko celebrated his jubilee. The whole life of this outstanding person, a scientist and a talented teacher is connected with the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Sergiy Voitko: "I'm used to work hard while studying at RTF"

Head of the Department of International Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor Sergiy Vasilievich Voitko in 2006 received the title of "Assistance Lecturer Researcher NTUU "KPI", in 2007-2016 six times was the winner of the contest "Lecturer Researcher NTUU "KPI", in 2015 he was recognized

Responsible and Persistant Mykolaiets Dmytro Anatoliiovych

The senior lecturer of the Department of Industrial Electronics of the Faculty of Electronics (FEL) Dmytro Anatoliiovych Mykolaiets - specialist in systems of compensation of reactive energy – was also named among the winners of the university competition "Young Teacher-Researcher 2016".

Science is a great puzzle

Senior lecturer of the Department of Instruments and Systems of Orientation and Navigation of Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering Sergey Alekseyevich Tsybulnik is the winner of the University Contest "Young Teacher-Researcher 2016". Kiev Polytechnic he considers his second home.

Olexander Bondarenko improves welding units

In micrometrical tool engineering during manufacturing of electronic components and circuits, in the production of medical instruments, and others, is widely used modern effective technology of contact microwelding, which allows to obtain reliable integral connections of miniature parts.