Today, the implementation of Industry 4.0 provisions is a priority for most EU member states, which Ukraine is seeking to join. The Fourth Industrial Revolution ensures sustainable development, helps reduce the negative impact on the environment, etc.

For businesses to operate successfully in today's environment, it is crucial to accept and adapt to changes in the dynamic business environment. The Department of International Economics at the Faculty of Management and Marketing teaches students how to respond to new challenges, develop production, increase productivity and competitiveness, provide for management flexibility, and much more. "The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have emphasized the vulnerability of industry and the importance of flexibility and reliability of supply and other production components, especially the possibility of its relocation," the scientists emphasize.

The issues of competitiveness of industrial enterprises in the context of Industry 4.0, in particular, are the subject of research by Associate Professor Anna Kukharuk. The scientist began her career back in 2004 as a student of the Faculty of Accounting and Economics at the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. Under the supervision of Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor V.M. Solomakha, she studied the problems of forming the economic activity of full-time students and made presentations at scientific and practical conferences organized annually by the university. First of all, she studied the economic problems of employment during her studies and conducted a survey of students of Ukrainian universities. She also gained practical experience working as an economist at a patent and legal agency since her second year of undergraduate studies.

In 2009, she received a bachelor's degree in accounting and auditing and a teacher of economics from the State Higher Educational Institution "V. Hetman Kyiv National Economic University", and in 2010 she received a master's degree in accounting and auditing.

Since September 2010, Anna Dmytrivna has been working at the Department of International Economics of the Faculty of Management and Marketing of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. During this time, she has developed as a teacher and a young researcher. She has worked her way up from assistant and senior lecturer to associate professor. In 2013, she successfully completed her postgraduate studies at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and in April 2014 defended her PhD thesis on "Mechanism of increasing the competitiveness of printing enterprises" under the guidance of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor O. Havrysh.

Her research interests include ensuring the economic sustainability of industrial enterprises, the processes of forming the stability of the competitive advantages of industrial enterprises in dynamic markets; innovative development of enterprises of the publishing and printing complex of Ukraine, etc. She teaches the disciplines "Management of International Business Projects. Industry 4.0", "International Business", "International Competitiveness Management" in Ukrainian and English. She supervises foreign postgraduate students and is constantly improving her skills in Ukraine and abroad.

It is worth noting that the formation of the researcher's scientific interests was largely influenced by participation in numerous international scientific and educational projects, in particular in the project "NTNU-KPI Collaboration within Industry 4.0 Education", which was implemented in cooperation between the FMM and the Institute of MMI of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with the Norwegian University of Natural Sciences and Technology in 2018-2022. Among the scientific works of A.D. Kukharuk, the total number of which now exceeds 100, a significant part is devoted to the competitiveness of industrial enterprises in the context of Industry 4.0. Her scientific and methodological research has been published in the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Republic of Kazakhstan. "The international competitiveness of a country is one of the determining factors of its economic growth. Of particular importance is the identification of key factors and analysis of the experience of advanced countries in ensuring a high level of prosperity in the current state of industrial development and the use of information technology," the researcher says.

In 2015-2022, Anna Dmytrivna was responsible for the scientific work of the Department of International Economics, and since 2022 she has been the Deputy Dean of the FMM for Scientific Work and motivates students to research by her own example.

In general, Anna Kukharuk owes her achievements, in particular the title "Young Lecturer-Researcher - 2022", to her scientific mentor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor O.A. Havrysh, Head of the Department of International Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor S.V. Voitko, Dean of the FMM, Doctor of Economics, Professor M.O. Kravchenko, A.D. Kukharuk expresses special gratitude to the students of the University, who with their curiosity and thirst for knowledge keep the teacher in good shape, motivate him to continuous development and give him inspiration to be always a young teacher, regardless of age.

Nadiia Libert