The energy war that Russia is waging against Ukraine has shown the relevance of using hybrid energy systems under martial law. Alternative energy sources significantly help the energy system, they are relatively small and harder to attack.

"Today, it is crucial that all types of generation integrated into the power supply systems work, so that the energy sector functions in a balanced way," emphasize the scientists of the Department of Electricity Supply of the Educational and Research Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (NN IEE) and work for this. In particular, a young researcher Olena Yarmoliuk is working on assessing the operating modes of generating equipment and integrated power grids, as well as load distribution between generating sources of microgrids, taking into account the lack of primary information. Her dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, which she successfully defended in 2015, was devoted to this topic.

Today, she has 65 scientific papers to her credit, including 37 articles in scientific professional journals and publications included in international scientometric databases, eight copyright certificates and two monographs. She has repeatedly participated in international scientific and technical conferences and exhibitions, and has been involved in the implementation of state budget projects. In 2018, Olena Yarmolyuk received a grant from the President of Ukraine to support research by young scientists for her research "Development of a model for the optimal functioning of energy hubs in Ukraine's intelligent energy supply systems". The results of the work help to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of the process of integrated energy supply to consumers. In the future, the results will be useful in solving a wide range of different tasks related to optimizing the structures and operating modes of microsystems and energy hubs, determining the most efficient conditions for the integrated use of renewable energy sources and their parallel operation with power systems in the process of liberalizing the electricity market.

Last year, the researcher became the supervisor of the scientific work of young scientists "Formation of tools for managing demand and energy supply using low-power hybrid systems". The work is aimed at increasing the flexibility and reliability of the power system in the context of the rapid development and implementation of low-power renewable energy sources and energy storage systems, which requires the formation of a new segment in the energy sector - a hybrid renewable energy system. Obviously, in this case, there is a need to find new methods and approaches to managing such power generation facilities.

"It all started back in 2004," Olena recalls, "I graduated from high school and dreamed of studying at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, like my parents, uncle and brother. Although my relatives studied at the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation, I was more impressed by the Educational and Research Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management."

Her research work under the guidance of Professor Volodymyr Popov began during her master's degree. After receiving a master's degree in 2010 in the specialty "Electrical Power Systems", on the recommendation of her mentor, the researcher entered postgraduate studies in the specialty "Energy Systems and Complexes". Today, Olena Yarmoliuk teaches students lecture courses, conducts practical classes and manages course projects, and engages her students in scientific creativity. The lecturer also takes an active part in the life of the department, has been a member of the jury of the sections of the II (city) stage of the All-Ukrainian competition for the defense of research works of students-members of the Kyiv branch of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, pupils of the Kyiv Minor Academy of Sciences of Pupils, a member of the jury of the university student Olympiad in the discipline "Energy Management", an expert in research projects and scientific and technical (experimental) developments in the field of "Energy and Energy Efficiency", etc.

The young scientist's work brings results and satisfaction. But the researcher lives not only for science. She is a mother of two young children and devotes her free time to her family and her hobby of needlework.

In 2021, Olena Yarmoliuk was promoted to associate professor of the Department of Electricity Supply. Also, thanks to her high scientific level and hard work, she won the university competition "Young Lecturer-Researcher 2021" and "Young Lecturer-Researcher 2022". The scientist plans to continue working to build a sustainable, modern, investment-attractive energy industry that will provide consumers with clean, affordable, and reliable energy.

Nadiia Libert