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Complement - the guarantee of health [Tips doctor]

Система комплементу - комплекс складних білків, постійно присутніх в крові

In the last century the great scientist II Mechnikov physiologist, described one of the components - the carrier of natural immunity - the so-called complement. If enough of the blood complement protective substance, it is protected from infectious diseases, and if sick, then quickly recovers.

How to protect yourself from food poisoning? [medical advice]


Recently in the media there are reports of mass food poisoning. Often this is due to non-observance of sanitary-hygienic requirements in the production and storage of food products.

International day of not smoking. About harm of smoking

Image. Про шкідливість паління

Every year since 1977 on the initiative of the International Union Struggle Against Cancer for the third Thursday of November a day of not smoking is carried out. This year's Day of not smoking fell on November 19th.

Beware of toxicomania

Обережно, токсикоманія

In literature, the term "toxicomania" appeared quite recently. Previously there was used a generalized term "narcomania", that means a habit and painful addiction to drugs.

For early diagnosis [of cancer]

Image. Злоякісна меланома

The main problem in the field of health care is timely diagnosis of the patient. Identify the disease at an early stage is necessary before it is possible to prevent its development and to bring man back to a healthy state.

The main building of the KPI during the First World War

1914. Актова зала головного корпусу КПІ

During the 1st World War KPI main building used for defense purposes was placed in a room of food and dressing station evacuation hospital. Since August 1914 all of its middle part, except the library premises, occupied hospital. October 20 in the hall, equipped with 140 beds, there was a big fire, resulting in burned floors and walls, collapsed ceilings.

This terrible phenomenon drug addiction. 26 June is an International Day against drug abuse

Це страшне явище – наркоманія

Addiction! How many deaths lay behind this word, how much pain, how many broken lives? A lot! I do not know how many lives will be more spoilt by drugs!

Six effective ways against fatigue

Шість ефективних способів від втоми

Lectures, seminars, colloquiums, exams end ... Every day, every hour and every minute we are concerned control, certification, tests and exams ... This is the student’s fate. What if you are working somewhere else! It's just awful!


Чи воно було того варто / Новозеландська антиалкогольна кампанія

The usage of alcohol causes euphoria, soul satisfaction, stress relief. It can be explained by the effect of alcohol on human’s brain – the centers, which connected with emotions, are slowed down. The intoxication of organism is caused by ethanol (C2H2OH).

Be careful and cautious of AIDS

Будьте уважні і обережні -  СНІД

Ukraine remains in the category of countries with concentrated HIV epidemic, aggregated within separate groups at high risk of HIV infection.



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