The nature created the human being as a perfect one, but in the same time very sensitive to all sorts of diseases, which shorten its age. At the same time scientists can improve the quality of the life, make it more comfortable. In particular, the researches in the Department of Acoustic and Acoustical Electronics to create medical electroacoustic devices for diagnostics and treatment are carried out for a long time. Ever since the Soviet Union times the treatment centers were equipped with them.

There are some examples of the new technic. It was recently theoretically proved, calculated and created a laboratory prototype of the new device of early ultrasound passive diagnosis to measure in real time the temperature of the human body on the base of its weak heat acoustic radiation. A broadband piezo emitter is proposed to use it in the ultrasound devices for treatment different diseases. It is obtained a gate shape of amplitude-frequency characteristics of piezoelectric transducers for ultrasonic scanners, which allows to make a dynamic frequency scanning and filtering echo signal in narrow band, its average frequency is reduced in accordance with the depth probing; use one converter over the entire operating range of medical ultrasonic diagnosis. A theory of the human middle ear is created. On the basis of experimental data, the principle of reflection of sound from the eardrum was formulated. A new method for the study and diagnosis of sensor neural hearing loss separately from the part of the hearing aid – the hearing echoscopy was proposed, a prototype system was designed and built.

One of the participants and performer of these researches is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Naida Sergiy. He is the winner of university contest “Teacher – researcher-2013”. S.Naida is a KPI graduate –in 1992 he graduated electro acoustical Faculty of KPI. After three years he successfully passed postgraduate studies at the Department of Acoustic and Acoustical Electronics. He was happy with his scientific supervisor. Professor V.Didkovsky gave a start in life to many young talents. In May 1996 S.A. Naida defended his candidate these, in November 2010 doctor’s dissertation by the specialty “Applied Acoustics and sound technics”.

During this time he worked his way from the assistant to the associated Professor and then Professor of the Acoustics and Acoustical Electronics Department. In 2000-2002 he had the scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists.

Today S.Naida lectures for the courses “Physical acoustic”, “Medical acoustical devices and systems”. For many years he is a deputy of the Department Head by the methodical work, from 2008 he is the Dean deputy FE on the educational and organizational work. He is the member of the Scientific-methodical commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for electronics. He is the author of more than 100 scientific works, including 4 primary textbooks with the sign of MES of Ukraine, one monograph, 11 patents.

The new young scientists are matured under Sergiy “wing”. Some of the mentioned above problems are developed in the diploma projects of the S.Naida students. T.Zhelyaskova graduate student defended her PhD (on schedule) in the fall of last year. K.Drozdenko defended his PhD early in April this year.

Therefore, we wish to researchers new breakthroughs and recognition.

Inf. FE