Breathing exercise for health

Human's life begins with breathing in, maintains by breathing and ends with exhalation. Regulating the breathing allows human to change his/her condition. Indian sage X-XI c. Horaksha claimed the breathing to be a fire which burns the consequences of the actions: inhalation gives strength, controls and clears the body, breathholding makes thoughts clear and gives a long life, and exhalation has cleaning functions. According to the Indian yoga, breathing exercises influence on life energy ( ci or chi - in Chinese, ki - in Korean and Japanese, thi - in Vietnamese). Among most people its activity is poor, the circulation is chaotic or blocked that causes diseases, which can be omitted by the breathing regulation. The objects of the regulation are the way of breathing: through the mouth or nose (preferable), through one nostril, by turns: through left or right etc; the phase (inhalation, exhalation, breathholding, and pause); type (upper, intermediate, lower); duration and intensity of phases, rhythm, tempo. Inhalation increases the cortex tone, exhalation reduces it.

31 of May is the world day of struggle with smoking . Smoking is the problem of the century.

Tobacco was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. At the beginning tobacco was attributed with healing properties but in Turkey, Britain and Russia in the XVII century was accepted the law providing strict punishmentv for people who smoke tobacco.

If to talk about the present time, in the United States and in the coutries of Western Europe and America observed a sharp tendency toward smoking restrictions. In Ukraine there is a low which prohibit smoking in public places. It is not allowed to smoke in elevator, in payphones, in institutions of healthy care, in educational and correctional institutions,at the playgrounds, in the entrance of residential houses and in public transport including trains.

Department of special medical groups: fashionable to be healthy

Increasingly professionals and enthusiasts who advocate healthy lifestyle stress an advance health and work capacity that nature has given to man - a short-lived. We have to take care of our health in order to maintain active longevity, be competitive in the job market and in life.

KPI Donor Day

Donation - a noble and honorable mission that allows you to save the life of patients with severe chronic diseases and victims of burns, accidents and disasters. Donation useless symbolizes the idea of ​​helping other people.

Attention: ARVI!

It is obvious that with the beginning of spring term the quantity of ARVI rises.

The symptoms of ARVI: headache, pain in eye-balls, cold turkey, fever, rheum then cough, sore throat…
On second day it is necessary to see a doctor.

Treatment components:

Pyrohov Mykola Ivanovych. Famous surgeon, scientist and inventor

November 25, 2010 was 200 years since the birth of the prominent surgeon, anatomist, scientist, humanist and teacher Mykola Ivanovych Pyrohov (1810 – 1881).

He was the son of a military officer Mykola Ivanovych Pyrohov, who served in the rank of major as a treasurer in Moscow provisions depot.

About the clinic KPI for freshmen

Kyiv National Technical University "KPI" can be proud of the fact that for the protection and preservation of the health of students it has its own clinic, located on the territory of compact students residence and  learning - on the street Yangel 16/2.