Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is caused by mycobacteria of tuberculosis.  It is accepted to consider that this is illness of lungs, but in fact, practically all organs of man can be struck by tuberculosis.

Infecting tuberculosis is not the same, that a disease of tuberculosis. The transmitters of infection are most people, but because of decline of immunity from different diseases, bad feed, abuse of alcohol or narcotic substances the, causative  agents of tuberculosis activate and appear "tuberculosis".

The symptoms of tuberculosis can be: cough that does not passed more than two weeks, loss of weight, absence of appetite, protracted fervescence, night sweating, weakness, fatigueability, pain in thorax, hemoptysis.

For diagnostics of tuberculosis, conduct the photofluorography inspection of thorax organs and analysis of sputum.

Morbidity on tuberculosis of KPI students in 2015 is the greatest among the student young people of Kyiv. If a scope the photofluorography inspection of dormitories students folds 90% then other, that live at home or in a suburb, - 60% and below. Senior students suffer more because they are less interested in their state of the health.

The timely passing of photofluorography inspection is a mortgage of early exposure of tuberculosis.