Memories of the Future

Admirers of Academician Evgen Goncharuk talent every year had a pleasant opportunity to congratulate him on January 7 not only with a birthday, but also with Christmas. Although Evgen Gnatovych died in 2004, he remains in human memory in Ukraine and abroad.

Distance Skype-seminar in Ukrainian and English languages  with slogan and auspices of the international community "Ukraine and Ukrainians"  run from 6 to 9 January and its aim was to give to all cells of Ukrainian diaspora around the world an opportunity to get acquainted with unquenchable scientific achievements of Evgen Gnatovych who was rector of the National medical University O.O. Bogomolets more than 20 years (brief biographical information about life of academician Ye.G.Honcharuk you can see on the site: images / postati / postaty_goncharuk_ evgen.htm)

Specialists who over the years worked with Evgen Gnatovych on urgent problems of clinical, sports and space medicine, introducing the practice of medical and engineering achievements of science, continue this work now.

A significant step in realization of creative plans of Evgen Gnatovych was a joint celebration the 40th anniversary of the Research Center laboratory  of   Bogomolets National Medical University in 2006, which was attended by teachers and students created in 2002 MMIF, and which actually preceded the future transformation of NTUU"KPI" in first Ukrainian research university.

It's nice to remember how creative Evgen Gnatovych discussed future directions of collaboration between our universities. Academician Ye. G. Goncharuk gave particular attention to university scientific research development.  MMIF priority direction of research in the field of monitoring the state of health of students of our universities, including athletes was formulated during the discussions with academician  M. Zgurovsky (on the photo).

The list of research areas for cooperation:

  1. Dynamics of the first-year student educational process in the algorithms, informational and systemic analysis programs.
    1. Gender specifics education of young people in a family (2017.)
    2. Development of algorithms and software information support of healthy lifestyles in dynamics of the first-year student educational process and determine the effectiveness of their application (2018);
    3. A systematic analysis of healthy lifestyle indicators in the dynamics of the first-year student educational process  (2019)
    4. Dynamicspattern of healthy lifestyle information indicators and sports acmeology of students in various study periods (2020);
    5. Scientific achievements students and teachers of FBMI on issues of healthy lifestyle and sports acmeology (2021).
  2. Modern media and hardware for study of adaptive and reactive properties of the human body in terms of erytrometriya.
  3. Problems of students dependence (smoking, alcohol, computer, porn etc.) and authorial programs how to rid of dependence (prof. Nadiia Petrivna Burmaka).
  4. Automated diagnostics system ERYTHRON-17 (under author's participation Ruslan Akulenko (PhD, prof., Germany).

On the issue of interaction with the international community "Ukraine and Ukrainian" contact the program coordinator: prof. Valentin Porfyrovych  Yatsenko (+ 38-068-717-08-85, valentinyatsenko[at]

V.P. Yatsenko