There is a spring. And with it the holiday of beauty, tenderness, sincerity, holiday of mothers, women as worker, women as continuer of the human race on Earth.

The collective of the polyclinic department that serves university, mostly its female part. They are doctors, nurses, junior nurses, who daily care of the health of their patients.

Working in difficult socio-economic conditions, whith limited funding for health care, medical personnel staff is committed to improve the health of students.

Polytechnic Students can boast with the medical facility that they have, where concentrated the best developments in medicine and where the latest technology in diagnosis and treatment of patients are used.

Eve of March 8 we would like to mention health workers who for decades working in the department, who are characterized by extreme kindness, sensitivity, passionate desire to help in word and deed to students.

M.B.Dmytrenko who is a head of therapeutic department, I.I.Sobko who is practitioner, physician otolaryngologist I.O.Borovska, dentist N.M.Volkotrut,  nurse O.O.Vlasenko, medreyestrator V.M.Kuzhel and many others enjoy great respect among students.

We sincerely congratulate all medical personnel of this department on the occasion. Let this spring day always pleases you, gives warmth and tenderness sunlight of spring flowers. Good luck in the professional business, bow for hard work.