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"Unpopcorned" Dovzhenko

Олександр Довженко під час зйомок фільму Земля, с. Яреськи, 1929 р.

120th anniversary of Alexander Dovzhenko, which Ukraine celebrated on September 10, took place in a difficult time. The first time in the last seven decades there is a war inside the country..

Vilnius respects Taras Shevchenko

Литва. Вільнюс. Пам'ятна дошка Т. Шевченку на будівлі Вільнюського університету

Lithuanian capital Vilnius is one of those cities that have played in the life of the Ukrainian poet and artist prominent role.

Choir Festival in France

Колектив КПІ. Учасники  фестивалю з України та Гваделупи

In May Folk Academic Choir KPI participated in the international festival of choral music, which was held in a small French town Gerzat, located a few kilometers north of Clermont-Ferrand - the capital of the Auvergne region. We crossed almost the whole of Europe by bus.

An Exhibition "Maidan 2004 - 2014 and KPI" was Opened in Paris.

2014.06.27 У Парижі відкрилася виставка «Майдани 2004 - 2014 і КПІ»

On June 27, 2014 at the Cultural and Information Centre of the Embassy of Ukraine in France the grand opening of the exhibition "Maidan 2004-2014 and KPI" took place.

Students Transformed Ordinary Benches into Objects of Art

2014.06.26 Students Transformed Ordinary Benches into Objects of Art

On June, 26 at NTUU "KPI" there was presentation of unusual art objects - six benches along Polytechnichna street that were transformed by students into works of street art.

Ismail Gasprinskiy, the prominent Crimean Tatar enlightener

Photo. Ismail Gasprinskiy

The name of Ismail-bey Mustafa-oğlu Gasprinskiy (8.03.1851–11.09.1914) became for Crimean Tatars a symbol of revival of Turkism, a sign of changes, rejection of old dogmas and stereotypes. I. Gasprinskiy was one of the most well-known educators and reformers of the late XIX – early XX century. His ideas has influenced the preparation and carrying out reforms in the national school, the development of problems of his home school and creation of the first national textbooks.

Meeting with artists

Зустріч в КПІ. Олена Рог та Ігор Судак

In these difficult days for our country one of the means of maintaining a positive attitude is a look into the future. We look to the future with the hope of building a state in which each of us will participate. I'd like to on the way forward to success. However, what it means - to be successful?

The way students are speaking

Reflecting on the linguistic features of a portrait of contemporary university students of technical institutions, it is useful to identify some very important issues.

Native landscapes

Фото. Ігорь Голобуцький

In the exhibition hall of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law there was held an exhibition "Native landscapes" by renowned watercolorist of Kiev Igor Golobutskogo.

Spring of literature in Kiev Polytechnic University

2014.05.15 Spring of literature  in Kiev Polytechnic University

This year spring at our university as in the neighbor country is full of different events, devoted to the 200 annual of T.G. Shevchenko birth.



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