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Literary and artistic event in the library of KPI

2015.01.20 мистецький вечір на честь великого польського художника Яна Матейка

The series of art educational events, dedicated to known historic and cultural personalities, are carried out for the third consecutive year in the Science and Technical library NTUU “KPI”. The last one, conducted in January of this year, was the 15th.

Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language at the Center for International Education

2014.11.28 вечір, присвячений Дню української писемності та мови в ЦМО

November 28, foreign students NTUU "KPI" held the event in occasion of the Day of Ukrainian writing and language.

New Year ikebana

2014.12.8-13  New Year ikebana

From 8 to 13 December in the exhibition hall of the Japan-Ukrainian Center NTUU "KPI" there was held an exhibition "New year ikebana."

The Christmas divination

М. Пимоненко «Ворожіння» (1893)

New Year's Eve everybody want to believe in miracles. Almost everyone becomes again a little child and under hasteless strikes of clocks think about the dreams come true.

Interclub KPI acts

Колектив КПІ. Студенти-іноземці на фестивалі, 2014

Foreign students "KPI" willingly participate in various cultural and educational events. November 8, 2014 the citizens of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea have become active participants in the festival cuisine and cultures of Asia, held in NCC "Ukrainian House".

Riot of colors and patriotic feelings

Фото. Василь Миколайович Кущ

An exhibition of paintings known in Kyiv artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Vasily M.Kush, was held in the exhibition hall FSL.

Poetry and identity formation

2012.10.11 Вечір поезії Віталія Іващенка

Art is a major factor that shapes our spirituality.

Seminar devoted to the Clarice Lispector’ work

2014.10.23 Семінар, присвячений творчості Кларісе Ліспектор

Seminar, devoted to the work of the outstanding Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, was held on October 23 in the KPI.

Cave Verteba: riddles and answers

Україна, Тернопілля, печера Вертеба

In summer, many polytechnics traveled around the world, discovering new places, including underground. Today's story is about the mysterious Ukrainian Cave-Museum.

Andrei Kulagin's Exhibition

Фото. Кулагін Андрій

An exhibition of known portrait and landscape painter Andrei Kulagin was opened in the Art Gallery of CCA.



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