On September 26, in the STL, another lecture of the “Think about it” cycle dedicated to the 120th anniversary of our university, took place. This time it was about the Kyiv industry of the XIX - beginning. XXI century. It is well known that the first graduation of engineers of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute took place in 1903, and young specialists started their work throughout the country, including at Kyiv enterprises. What kind of industry existed in Kyiv at that time, in what districts was most of the factories and plants, whether they survived to this day? That is why the organizers of the cycle decided to talk about the Kyiv enterprises of different industries. The lecturer was a Kyiv tour guide, senior researcher of the Art Center “Chocolate House” (branch of the Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art) Natalia Lykhytska. She started with the history of the Industrial Podil.

The attendees learned a lot about the factories located on the historical Kirilivska street. It turns out that most of them belonged to the chemical or food industry; some buildings have survived to this day.

A separate interesting story we heard about the tiled and majolica plant of Yoshaphat Andrzejowski (one of the largest ceramic manufactories of the 19th and early 20th centuries in Ukraine) and the Zaitsev and Presnukhin cement factory (since 1897). Both companies collaborated with well-known Kyiv architect Vladyslav Gorodetskyi. For example, during the construction of the famous house with chimeras at Bankova the products of the underground factory were used to create unique sculptural compositions, and in the house there were 14 tiled stoves made at the Andrzejowski factory.

During the current academic year, we will continue to explore the history of our university and Kyiv.

Maryna Miroshnichenko, head of the Department of rare and valuable documents of G.I. Denysenko STL

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