The accident in Baikonur

After finishing World War the Second the relations between USSR and USA are abruptly aggravated. From 1946 in the United States the nuclear plans were developed to attack USSR.

June 22 - Day of mourning and commemorating war victims

The Second World War (01.09.1939 – 02.09.1945) – the bloodiest global conflict, in the course of which died, according to various estimates, from 50 to 85 million people. As the terrible tragedy it is remembered and commemorated around the world.

Study the history of our Alma mater

In the Scientific and Technical Library it was launched a new cultural and educational project "Pages of History of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".  In frame of this project  two meetings, devoted to patrons of our university were held February 18 and April 2.

The pilot innovator Peter Nesterov

One hundred years ago the pilot Peter Nesterov died in the implementation of the world’s first air ram on a German aircraft. Peter Nesterov is known as the pilot, who first in the world performed aerobatics “loop”.