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Mikulonok Igor Olegovych. Always in search

Фото. Мікульонок Ігор Олегович

In 2009 Mikulonok Igor Olegovych won the honorary title of "teacher-researcher" for the third time. He works at the Department of machinery and apparatus of chemical and petroleum production of engineering and chemical faculty for over 20 years.

Kuznetsov Yuri Nikolaevich. Biography

Y.M. Kuznetsov was born June 24, 1940 in the city Kherson in the family of a serviceman. After graduating with a silver medal Kyiv secondary railway school, he entered in 1957 at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Odessa Polytechnic Institute.

Voloshko Svetlana Mikhailivna. Magic professor

Photo. Voloshko Svetlana Mikhailivna

There is no need to present Svetlana Mikhailivna Voloshko, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Metal Physics IFB in Kiev Polytechnic.

Horobets Svitlana Vasylivna – the head of the department of bioinformatics

Фото. Горобець Світлана Василівна

Each employee of the university creates its history, investing in the development of this great body energy, scientific and teaching achievements, as a cell that pulsates and gives life to the Kiev Polytechnic. In 2004 the arrival of Ph. D. S. V.

Virchenko Nina Opanasivna. Her life, Ukraine and Mathematics

Фото. Вірченко Ніна Опанасівна

N.A. Virchenko for a long time is the head of the inter-university research seminars "Boundary Value Problems. Special functions", "Differential equations and their applications", Scientific-methodical departmental seminar.

Kolosov Alexander Evgenovich: scientist, inventor, expert in patents

Колосов Олександр Євгенович

There are people who are seemed to be invisible in everyday life. But their creativity is rich and diverse, a flight of fancy and incredible performance - amazing. Only the inner circle and colleagues know how many time and efforts is required to do their work.

Zorenko Oksana. Way is laying by spring gardens

Фото. Зоренко Оксана Володимирівна

The month of March is magic for many reasons: it begins the calendar spring equalizing night and day, and his 8th day is dedicated to all the beautiful women. To write about a Woman – there is no special reason to write about the Academic – it should be aware of her scientific achievements.

Maslyanko Pavlo Pavlovych. From the teacher-researcher to the research university

Фото. Маслянко Павло Павлович

"Kyiv Polytechnic" continues to acquaint readers with the winners of university competition "Teacher-Researcher 2007". One of them is Pavlo Pavlovych Maslyanko, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics Department of FAM and PhD.

Leonid Holovko – a professor-researcher

Головко Леонід Федорович

We keep letting our readers know the winners of all-university competition “Professor-researcher – 2007”. The point at issue is about Leonid Holovko, the professor of Laser Technology and Material Science Department of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr.-Ing.


Dzhigirey Irina - the teacher and the scientist

Photo. Dzhigirey Irina

My interlocutor - Irina Dzhigirey, Ph.D., assistant professor The Department of Cybernetics of Chemical-Engineering Processes ).



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