Creative and persistent George Vasiliev

When meeting with Georgy Vasilyev - assistant trohimichnyh-electric technology industries ща Сhemical-engineering faculty, the winner of the competition "Young teacher-researcher - 2016" - the feeling that everything in life makes it "excellent." He came to the “KPI” in 2005, in 2009 received a bachelor's degree with honors in 2011 - Master's degree with honors. He entered postgraduate study at the beginning of 2015 - successfully defended: in 10 years has gone from student to doctor of philosophy. But behind every "successful" is enormous hard work, dedication and friendly support of relatives, colleagues and mentors.

Already the second year under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. (Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor) Yu.S.Herasymenka he joined the scientific research concerning the problems of corrosion of pipelines fuel-power complex and housing and utilities infrastructure. Since the research interests George Stepanovich - metal corrosion methods of diagnostic corrosion failure and corrosion protection equipment. Currently participates in scientific research commissioned by the state budget and private enterprises.

Today the scientific achievements of the young researcher - member of International Electrochemical Society (ISE) - can be called significant: published 20 articles in professional journals, 5 of them are in international journals scientometric database Scopus, particularly in the journal Corrosion Science (impact factor 4). Made more than 25 presentations at international and national conferences. Received a patent for utility model.

George S. takes part in the learning process, teaches discipline "Computer processing of information", "Protection against corrosion of equipment at the design stage", "rust inhibitors of metal" responsible for the international activities of the chair. Under his leadership each year are working 2-3 undergraduates.

Using the well-deserved reputation among colleagues and mentors, scientist does not avoid public works. He is deputy chairman of the Council of Young Scientists NTUU"KPI" organizes international conference of students and young scientists in chemistry and chemical technology that runs on Сhemical-engineering faculty; concerned about the continuity of scientific manpower, he is the organizer of student scientific and technical group "Electrochemistry" where students acquire practical skills of designing equipment electrochemical production equipment; trains the student team to participate in the National Olympiad in technical electrochemistry (by the way, the team of NTUU "KPI" always win first prizes) and others.

Colleagues from his chair say: he always comes from the practical significance of the task and able to reject excessive solve the basic problem, that is why his work is effective. "Portrait" of George S. complements itself: "Creative - using innovative approaches and find new solutions, careful - pay attention to small details, which is very useful in cognitive activity, persistent - always everything must be brought to a close." Perhaps this is the best features of any scientist.

Inf. Сhemical-engineering faculty