Tsapar Vitaly. Cooking glass efficiently

Glass - one of the most widespread and at the same time strangest substances. Products from it not only bewitch your look, but also were useful in economic activity of mankind. It is difficult to make glass  and  demand for it constantly grows. Therefore the specialists capable to combine components and to manage process of receipt of this product, are always appreciated.

 The associate professor of automation of chemical productions of IHF Vitaly Stepanovich Tsapar joined the problem of glassmaking resolution. In 2015 he protected dissertation work "Automation of processes of management of the thermal mode the glassmaking furnaces" for a degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences. This work is devoted to questions of increase in efficiency of process of glassmaking in production of glass products by creation of an automation system for management  processes of its thermal operating modes conforming to modern requirements of resource-and energy saving. Features of process of glassmaking are considered and the analysis of the current state of mathematical modeling and management systems of furnaces is carried out. The mathematical model of the steklovarenny furnace which is based on Navier-Stokes's equations average for Reynolds and is expanded by means of phenomenological mathematical models of process of glassmaking is offered. Also simplified mathematical model of glassmaking was developed as well.

Vitaly Tsapar  joined his life with Kiev polytechnical in the 2002nd, having arrived on the first rate of engineering and chemical faculty of NTUU "KPI". With honors graduated from the university and gained the diploma of the master in automation and the computer integrated technologies. By results of educational and scientific work received the offer to continue work at department as the assistant. Now he participates in research works of department and faculty.

Vitaly Tsapar is an author more than 40 scientific and methodical works, the participant of the international scientific and technical conferences. Together with students conducts researches of process control systems based on fuzzy logic and their implementation in SCADA systems. Teaches disciplines "Modern software of automation of engineering procedures", "Designing of management systems".

The young scientist is obliged by the progress to parents, a family and staff of department of automation of chemical productions. Vitaly Stepanovich became the winner of the university tender "Young Teacher-researcher of 2015". Ahead at the young researcher there are a lot more searches and achievements.  Good luck to him in his hard scientific path.