Статті 15 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2015 рік


We walk every day at the monument to the fallen of the polytechnics, which stands near the metro station. On the monument is the inscription: "Courageous. Selfless. Invincible.

Monitoring of the project TEMPUS СENEAST

On March 19, in IEE was carried out monitoring of the project CENEAST "Reforming programs in the field of urban development on the Eastern neighbourhood" under the TEMPUS programme.

Familiarity with the culture and traditions of African people

Cultural and artistic event dedicated to the Day of Africa, took place on 9-th April in the Centre of international education of NTUU "KPI". Traditionally The Day of Africa is celebrated on 25-th May ( in this day in 1963, established the organization of African unity).

Hieroglyphics of feelings

Under this title in the picture gallery of our University hosted an exhibition of Kiev artist Natalia Goncharova. Mistress compares her paintings with poetry, which can not be listened,it can be only seen , that's why the images are followed by its own poetry.