Visit of the delegation of the corporation "Boeing" and the Company "Progresstech"

April 16, the delegation of the company "Boeing" and the company "Progresstech-Ukraine" visited NTUU “KPI”.
The delegation consisted of the president of the mission of corporation "Boeing" in Russia and the CIS countries Sergey Kravchenko, the vice-president of the corporation (compensation payments) Pamela French, the vice president (international human resources) Sue Ellen Lindsay, the Director of Business Development "Progresstech" , the chairman of the group of companies "Progresstech" Vladimir Kulchytsky, the director of "Progresstech-Ukraine" Andrew Fialkovskii, the head of programs and projects of training and staff development "Progresstech-Ukraine" Maxim Gladskih.

Rector of the University, NAS academician Michael Zgurovsky showed the University to the guests and spoke about its history, tradition and modernity. The representatives of the corporation "Boeing" and the company "Progresstech" visited the Scientific and Technical Library NTUU "KPI" of G.Denisenko, visited monuments of outstanding designers and scientists, whose life and work has been linked to the KPI, familiarized with the exposition of the State Polytechnic Museum NTUU "KPI" and its Department of Aviation and Astronautics named after I.I. Sikorsky, the Hall of the Academic Council of the University, and others. In addition, members of the delegation got acquainted with the work of joint educational and scientific center NTUU "KPI" - "Progresstech-Ukraine" opened last year on the basis of Institute of Mechanical Engineering KPI, the main profile of which is the preparation of mechanical engineers to work in the aviation industry, training of scientific and pedagogical staff and engineers working in the aircraft industry.

During the visit they discussed important issues of cooperation between the parties and its prospects.