Talents of KPI 2015: the best photographers and designers

The competition "Talents of KPI" was completed. It has brought together 48 participants – students, faculty and staff. They presented about 300 photographs and computer graphic works.

The organizer of the competition and head of art galleries. V.S.Tiotkina noted that, new authors and interesting stories appeared, and the overall level of the presented works has increased.

The winners were congratulated at the final ceremony. In the category of "Photography" (students):

I place – S. Hilchenko (PBF), II place – A. Shcherbakov (FMM), III place – A. Sadlery (FMM). In the nomination "Computer graphics" (students): I place – P. Popovkin (VPI), II place – A. Welbon (VPI).

Among employees with diplomas and money prizes were awarded in the category of "Photography" N. V. Zdaniuk, assistant, HTF (I place); O. I. Omelchenko, engineer, FMM (I place);

L. M. Spasionova, associate Professor, HTX (II); V. G. Getman, FMF (II); G. V. Baskov, FMF (III); G. S. Martynenko, FMF (III place). In the nomination "Computer graphics":

A.V. Zalewski, FMF (And place); T. M. Nadterechny, FMF (II); S. V. Voitko, FMM (II); V. V. Shelyag (III place). At the end, it was noted that the contest has revealed new names, helped intensify artistic creation and cultural development of students, faculty, and University employees.

Information is from KP