Статті 18 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2014 рік

Post-graduate reading dedicated to A.V. Prakhovnik's memory

On 16th and 17th of April  the second Postgraduate readings dedicated to memory of the honored worker of science and equipment of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering, professor Artur Veniaminovich Prakhovnik were carried out in Institute of energy saving and power management .The initiators were post-

International Scientific Conference on the basis of FL

On the 17th of April, 2014 the first International scientific-practical conference "Languages Professional Communication and: lingvocultural, cognitive-discursive, translation and methodological aspects" occurred in "KPI", organized by the department of theory and practice of translation of Frenc

The improvement with ESTIEM

On April 22-26th 2014, the regular  student's meeting organization ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engi­neering and Management), took place in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul, in which the representatives of 60 countries in Europe and Asia participated.

Scholarship rector of PPI

Volodimir Vorobiy is a very gifted person from fourth course of PPI department of printing machines and automated complexes. He finished school with a gold medal, took an active part in the social life of the school, also, he was participant and winner of contests, competitions, including the Small Academy of Sciences, and artistic performances. With such a thorough training guy could choose any institution. But he chose NTUU “KPI” which is the best native university which is known its quality of education and relevance of education graduates.

A Sunshining Bush

The landscape of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute becomes more beautiful and attractive: new elements, plantations and compositions appear. A spring blossom palette gladdens.  It would seem that all good corners were visited, explored and photographed. But it is not.