Twice grand-holders from Faculty of Chemical Engineering

These persistent and persevering girls from Faculty of Chemical Engineering were awarded with rector scholarships for the second time.

К. МалихінаKarina Malukhina , the undergraduate student from the vegetable polymers ecology and technology chair likes to study and discover something new. Scientific researches in which the girl is engaged, concern with metals protection against corrosion when using mine and highly mineralized waters. She gained the bachelor's degree with honors. Nowadays she is working on a "Determining the metals corrosion inhibitors effectiveness in highly Matter" master's thesis. The teacher is a professor M.D.Homel.

In 2011, the student participated in the Summer Academy in specialized institutes of public administration and law in Germany (Hof, Bavaria).Karina travels to the different countries of Europe, goes in for sport in her free time.

“It is very pleasant to get again the rector grant, - the student argues. - It confirms that all diligence weren't vain and persistent work brought results. But it not only my merit, but also huge work of teachers which within six years from the date of in day shared with us the knowledge. Therefore I want to express gratitude to all the mentors, especially research supervisor - the head of the department M.D.Gomel, that they shared professional skills, believed in my abilities, imparted love to science, opened the interesting world of knowledge. Big thanks to them for that!”

To younger colleagues Karina wishes to open the creative abilities, inspiration and aspiration every day to open for itself new knowledge and abilities, to learn the world around.

Марія Твердохліб


Maria Tverdokhlib, the six-year student takes the first steps too in science under the leadership of the of ecology and technology of vegetable polymers head department, the prof. M.D.Gomel. Her scientific work subject is the "Ion-exchange stabilization of water in nanofiltering processes’

"It is very pleasant to receive scholarship at the end of studying. After all it testifies that six years of stay in KPI passed not for nothing. I want to thank all teachers for supporting and patience. That they the example imparted love to a profession", - the student says.

Maria always hasn't enough free time. All attention pays to the family and education of the daughter who studies in the second class. Also, she likes to read books and travel, discovering something new. The grand-holder wishes to young colleagues persistence and fruitful work, and the main thing - to love the profession and work in which you are engaged. "If there is a desire to work, you will be always supported!" - Maria is fully confident about it.

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Translator: Нечепорук Олександра ЛА-13