Post-graduate reading dedicated to A.V. Prakhovnik's memory

On 16th and 17th of April  the second Postgraduate readings dedicated to memory of the honored worker of science and equipment of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering, professor Artur Veniaminovich Prakhovnik were carried out in Institute of energy saving and power management .The initiators were post-graduate students of the power supply department which has been  headed for many years by A.V. Prakhovnik.

The reading was opened by the head of the department, Doctor of Engineering, professor S. P. Denisyuk. He claimed on achievements importance of A.V. Prakhovnik and necessity to encourage students and post-graduate students to scientific activity and participations in educational actions. The senior lecturer of power supply Department Ye. A. Shtorgin who who knew Artur Veniaminovich since student's times, emphasized historical value of activity of A.V. Prakhovnik for development of power in particular, energy saving in Ukraine. Z. P. Tomash who had been working  together with Artur Veniaminovich for a long time , told about A.V. Prakhovnik's exclusive qualities, about his humanity, decency and flexibility in the attitude towards the companions-power engineering specialists. Also she remembered those achievements which were received in collaboration on an extent nearly half a century.

The first post-graduate  A.V. Prakhovnik's student, Candidate of Techical Sciencies, associate professor V.P. Kalinchik told about the work beginning under the Artur Veniaminovich’s leadership in the 70th  Already then A.V.Prakhovnik understood the importance of energy increase  efficiency and necessity  of   the dispersed power introduction. His works put base for creation of Institute for energy saving and energy management, the Center of power managers training, Research institute of automatic equipment and power "Energy", comprehensive program of  a Sustainable Power Development university.

Scientific researches results were presented on readings by 21 graduate students from different universities of Kyiv, Rivne and Dnipropetrovsk. Reports testified the high scientific potential of their authors. Therefore, considering results of readings the decision to award with diplomas distinctions of graduate students - I.M. Streltsova and I.V. Prizhim (IESEM), and also to I.Ch. Toymentsov - the post-graduate student of the National University of water management and nature resourses use. We wish them and other participants of conference good luck and further scientific achievements.

Translator: Нечепорук Олександра ЛА-13