Center of Physical Education and Sports

Sports Complex (CPES - Center of Physical Education and Sports, 24 AB
Address of Building № 24: Verkhnoklyuchova st., 1/26 (old address - Poliova, 38). The building was built in 1983.

KPI climbers are on top again!

It's been almost three years since we congratulated our climbing team on winning the Ukrainian Higher Education Championship. The break was first caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, then a full-scale war broke out. 

Sport in KPI 2023: achievements and tasks for the future

Physical education and involvement of students in regular sports activities in KPI today is given great attention. And this is confirmed by statistical data on the work of sports and recreation sections and the success of KPI students in competitions of various levels. 

Traditional futsal children tournament 2024

On January 5, a children's Christmas futsal tournament was also held at the Polytechnic Sports Complex. It was attended by 6 teams: "CYSS-25-1", "CYSS-25-2", "Temp-1", "Temp-2", "FEMELI" and "Dynamo".

Traditional futsal adult tournaments 2023

On December 29, last year, the All-Ukrainian Charity Christmas Futsal Tournament in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was held at the sports complex of the Polytechnic Sports Center. It was organized by the sports and mass committee of the KPI Trade Union.

Charity soccer tournament 2023

Four teams took part in the competition:

🔹 ISZZI-1;
🔹 IZHSI-2;
🔹 Students' team;
🔹 The team of the Security Department with the Solomenskyi District Police.

"Polytechnic" Won the Cup of the Indomitable People!

A Christmas futsal tournament for the University Trade Union Committee Cup is held in the sports complex of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute at the beginning of January for many years in a row.  It opens the futsal year in the capital.

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