As part of the program to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the university trade union organized two sports tournaments: a traditional football tournament in memory of Vitaliy Molchanov and a volleyball tournament among veteran teams of 70+ and 75+ age groups in memory of Mykhailo Pavlovsky, a prominent scientist, teacher, and university employee.

The football tournament was held on September 28 at the field of the Polytechnic Sports Center. It began with a minute of silence and the performance of the Ukrainian National Anthem. 6 teams competed for the honorary trophy: "KPI Veterans", "Student Trade Union", FMM team, "Polytechnic", ISZZI team, and the team of the Institute of IEE. V.I. Molchanov's son Yevhen was the guest of the tournament. Students, employees and guests of the university came to support the teams and cheered for their favorite teams.

From the first minutes of the matches, the fight for reaching the final was fierce and uncompromising. The players demonstrated high-quality and mature football, which was also noted by football experts who attended the matches.

According to the results of the games in two subgroups, the ISZZI and the Student Trade Union team competed for the third place in the tournament. The ISZZI team won with a score of 2:1.

The final was a real highlight of the tournament. Polytechnic and KPI Veterans fought for the main trophy. In the end, the KPI Veterans won with a score of 2:1.

The tournament participants were also recognized in the following nominations: "Best Goalkeeper", "Best Forward", "Best Player". They are:

- The best goalkeeper - Yevhen Kamchatskyi (Polytechnic team);
- The best scorer of the tournament - Dmytro Kokorovets (Polytechnic team);
- Best player - Dmytro Dashkevych (ISZZI).

The winners and runners-up of the tournament were awarded cups, and all participants received memorable gifts.

On September 29, veteran volleyball players competed on the volleyball court of the university sports complex in the tournament in memory of the famous initiator of volleyball battles in KPI Mykhailo Pavlovsky.
kpi images - Учасники турніру з волейболу серед ветеранських  команд 70+ пам'яті  Михайла Павловського

Omega team from Lviv, Cadet team (employees of the National Transport University), and two teams of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute employees took part in the tournament. The opening of the tournament was attended by Olympic champion, Vice President of the Volleyball Veterans Association of Ukraine Volodymyr Ivanov, Chairman of the KPI Trade Union Committee Mykhailo Bezuglyi and the initiators of the competition - Professor of the Department of Heat and Power Plants of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants Mykhailo Zagretdinovych Abdulin, Professor of the Department of Mathematical Physics Ivan Vasylovych Beiko - captains of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute volleyball teams in their age categories.

The tournament included head-to-head matches between teams in two age categories: 70+ і 75+. The guests of the tournament won in both of them:

- age group 70+ "KPI Veterans" - "Cadet" (NTU) - score 1-2;
- age category 75+ "KPI Veterans" - "Omega" (Lviv) - score: 0:2.
kpi images - Учасники турніру з волейболу серед ветеранських  команд 75+ пам'яті  Михайла Павловського

The tournament participants received memorable gifts, and the winners received cups. The volleyball tournament in memory of Mykhailo Pavlovsky is planned to be held regularly with the expansion of the circle of participants.

According to the Trade Union of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

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