Physical education and involvement of students in regular sports activities in KPI today is given great attention. And this is confirmed by statistical data on the work of sports and recreation sections and the success of KPI students in competitions of various levels. 

Nowadays, 13 sports and recreation sections work in the structure of the Center for Physical Education and Sports "Polytechnic". The Center continued to be active during the quarantine restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is open to sports enthusiasts even now, during the full-scale war that Russia has unleashed against our country. And after the introduction of the mixed form of education, the number of people interested in sports among Polytechnic students began to grow. Here are just a few numbers. Today, more than 550 students have joined systematic physical education classes at the university. Their number has increased significantly compared to last year, as in October 2023, 450 students attended sports and recreation sections.

It should be noted that, compared to the vast majority of sports and recreation centers in the city, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute students can train in university sections on a completely free basis. Recently, the KPI volleyball team, which was created only at the beginning of the academic year, achieved significant success at the Universiade of Kyiv Universities in a tense struggle.

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Tetiana Pasichna, the head of the Department of Student Sports of the Polytechnic Center for Physical Education and Sports, told the KP correspondent about the work of the department.

- One of the main tasks of the department is to create favorable conditions for students to practice various forms of physical education and recreation in sports sections. Over the last period, the number of visitors to the sections has almost doubled. Accordingly, the popularity of sports and recreation activities is growing. The main staff of our sports sections are high-level specialists, legendary coaches and teachers of the Department of Sports Improvement in the past, winners of Universiades and championships of various levels, who have been holding the bar of KPI's sports glory high for many years. These are Hryhorii Ustymenko, Oleh Yaremenko, Dmytro Tomashevskyi, Serhii Zhuravliov, Andrii Kondratovych, Pavlo Ageiev, Dmytro Zapolskyi, Nataliia Lozenko, Maksym Buben, Larysa Hryshko, Vadym Mykhailenko, Anatolii Lukachyna, Mykola Koriukaiev, Valentyna Shyshatska. I am very grateful to them for the high-quality and well-coordinated work of the Student Sports Department. 

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  Unfortunately, we also have a lot of problems. I believe that one of the important tasks in our work is to pay more attention to the needs of coaches (who now officially work as section leaders, not sports coaches) and members of university teams. After all, our national teams are students who not only raise the rating of KPI with their sporting achievements, but also set an effective example of a healthy lifestyle for their classmates, and their mentors help them to reach their full potential. And the task for the future is to create national teams in leading sports, to prepare proper conditions for competitions, both internal and external. 

 Vladimir Shkolny 

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