On January 5, a children's Christmas futsal tournament was also held at the Polytechnic Sports Complex. It was attended by 6 teams: "CYSS-25-1", "CYSS-25-2", "Temp-1", "Temp-2", "FEMELI" and "Dynamo".

Based on the results of the draw, the teams were divided into 2 subgroups. The matches were played in a round-robin system, followed by head-to-head games. Despite the fact that the tournament was for children, the teams showed high-quality, quite adult football with all its surprises and a worthy fight for victory.

In the end, all the players received Christmas gifts.

This traditional Christmas tournament fulfilled its goal of giving the players, their coaches and parents positive emotions and good mood 100%!

S.O. Zhuravlev, V.M. Mykhailenko, senior lecturers of the Department of TOC

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