Artillery masterpiece

Name an outstanding designer of artillery weapons mid-twentieth century, Colonel-General of Technical Troops, Hero of Socialist Labor (1940), winner of four Stalin Prizes of first degree (1941, 1943, 1946, 1950), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vasil Gavrilovich Grabin (1899 / 1900-1980)

The caliber of war and peace

At the mention of the word "caliber" the first thing that comes to mind, especially the stronger sex, it is one of the characteristics of small arms.

Arctic Odyssey of politechnics

Older people still remember well the epic that was played out in the Arctic Ocean in the early 40-ies of XX century. Primarily the United States and the Soviet Union and also some other countries were involved in that epic. Heroic fame of papanintsy lives in folk memory.

The history of one exhibit: three-line rifle

In December 2003 a unique collection of small arms was handed over from the military part of Shepetivka to the State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI". Among the various weapons, one rifle stood out with its size and execution.

From the History of Katyusha

The most famous dangerous weapon of World War II Katyusha is a multiple rocket launcher (MRL). Many monuments were built to honor Katyusha; many writers and poets dedicated their works to it. It left a mark in history of war and of technology forever and ever.