Talents of KPI received awards

December 15 was closing ceremony of the competition/exhibition " KPI Talents" where all participants were appreciated and winners were awarded with diploma. The competition took place from 7 November to 15 December. 84 people took part in the competition. Students, teachers, scientists, members of  Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute presented 350 authors works. The works were shown in the exhibition hall of campus building №7. It could see everyone. Among the contestants were already known in university members and those who presented his works to the audience at the first time. It should be noted that many authors created their work in the classroom of "Innovation" art studio supervised by Iryna Shekhovtsova and "Harmony" art studio under the direction of Andry Kulagin.

In the nomination "Painting" the first place was divided between the 1st year student of the IHF Kateryna Bondarenko and  Methodist of scientific secretary service Alina Medvedchuk. The second were 2nd year student of HTF Alyona Puhlyak, 4th year student of FMM Bogdan Tokarev,  associate professor of descriptive geometry Tatiana Hnitetska and the worker of Ukrainian-Polish center Anna Bidnyuk. The third place was shared by 4th year student of FMM  Elizabeth Horyaystova, 2nd year student of FMM Christina Bushylo, Associate Professor of General and Experimental Physics Tamara Nikolayeva, Senior Accountant of DEF Lyudmyla Perevalova.

In the nomination "Graphics" the first place was divided between the 3rd year student of FAKS Oleksandr Belukha and 3rd year student of VPI Lyudmyla Shesterykova. The second place took the 4th year student of FMM Elena Savoschenko and 1st  year student of FAKS Dmytro Guk. The third was the 2nd year student of FMM Olena Shilyuk.

In the nomination "Decorative and applied arts" the first place was divided between the 3rd year student of IFF Tatyana Stasiuk, 4th  year student of VPI Margaryta Chyrenko, IEE laboratory assistant  Volodymyr Pushkin. Second place took the 2nd year student of HTF Julia Mamchich and duty security officer Andriy Andreev. And the third place in this category was shared between the 3rd year student of IEE Kostyrko Maxim, 4rd year student of FMM Sinchuk Tatiana and the 1st category engineer of "KPI-Telecom" Tatiana Sohina.

Embroidery, as another nomination contest, was at a high level as usual. The first place got the 2nd year student of  HTF Androshchuk Svetlana and  assistant professor of mathematical physics Anna Kulyk. Second place - 4rd year student of FMM  Irina Sharay and senior lecturer in descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics of FMF Ludmyla Ovsiyenko. The third place got  employee of CKM.Olena Shesterykova.

According to the Order of rector of the National technical university of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute”, all winners of the contest " KPI Talents " will receive cash prizes.