Drawings of Alexander Belukha

The third year student of FAKS Alexander Belukha is the extraordinary person who is endowed with creative abilities. He’s been keen on drawing since childhood, but  he "didn’t attend any schools of art" (according to his own words). He took the first place in the "Graphics" nomination in the year to date competition “Talents of KPI”.

Young man speaks of himself easily, somewhat humorously: "After the graduation from Polytechnic Lyceum I naturally joined the KPI. But it was ITS faculty which is not the most favorable for art. So after the second year I changed it to the one where I can spare more time for drawing. So now I'm on the FAKS. Girls, music and memes inspire my creative work. " The student is undoubtedly proud with his future profession which is Metrology. After all, this field of work is essential: without measuring and improving their accuracy no field of science and technology can be developed, and research or production processes also can’t do without measurement data.

Alexander is a permanent member of the University Art Competition "Talents of KPI". In the first year he only got “Podiaka” for his work “Karina”. This was when the head of the art studio "Harmony" Andrei Pavlovich Kulagin noticed him and invited to join their classes. In the studio, Alexander learned to paint with oils and perfected his skills in graphics. And next year, having put some of his drawings, including "Kiska-astronaut", he took the first place in the nomination "Painting".

This year, the student decided to present only one work that was "Comfortable love", but not similar to the previous ones. It took much time to prepare and incarnate a vision: from finding suitable pattern and creating composition in the photostudio "TimeStudia" to the final touch. "The idea of ​​it is that the most precious love is a love to oneself, which is comfortable and unpretentious,”  said Alexander. “If something goes wrong in your life, you can simply put pink glasses on and embrace a bottle of red semisweet wine in cushy bath" . The idea is ambiguous, but the advice may be quite reasonable. Especially after the end-of-terms exams.