Quit smoking!!!

Everyone knows about the harm caused by smoking. The fact that smoking kills is shown on warning labels on every pack of cigarettes.

31 of May is the world day of struggle with smoking . Smoking is the problem of the century.

Tobacco was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. At the beginning tobacco was attributed with healing properties but in Turkey, Britain and Russia in the XVII century was accepted the law providing strict punishmentv for people who smoke tobacco.

If to talk about the present time, in the United States and in the coutries of Western Europe and America observed a sharp tendency toward smoking restrictions. In Ukraine there is a low which prohibit smoking in public places. It is not allowed to smoke in elevator, in payphones, in institutions of healthy care, in educational and correctional institutions,at the playgrounds, in the entrance of residential houses and in public transport including trains.

Periodic Table of Elements ... at home

Up to the XIII century, people knew only nine chemical elements: seven metals - gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, lead and mercury, as well as two non-metals - sulfur and carbon.

Smoking kills!

There is no need to list all the facts so that a sensible person may find out the harm of smoking. Firstly, about 25% of smokers die of cancer, heart diseases or a stroke.