International day of not smoking. About harm of smoking

Every year since 1977 on the initiative of the International Union Struggle Against Cancer for the third Thursday of November a day of not smoking is carried out. This year's Day of not smoking fell on November 19th.

The most common of all bad habits is smoking. It became a household disadvantage of most men, many women, boys and girls, and sometimes school children. Almost all of them believe smoking is innocent fun, harmless to health. In fact it is not so.

Mouth and respiratory organs first take the impact of poisons. Tobacco smoke irritates the mucous membrane of the gums, teeth, nerve endings. Gums inflame, bleed, there is bad breath, yellowing teeth, cracked enamel. Already after the first few puffs pulse quickens. Vessels wear faster, their diameter constricts, they become less elastic. Systematic smoking contributes to the formation of atherosclerosis, increased incidence of coronary heart disease, which is often called "the disease of the century." The World Health Organization noted that death from coronary heart disease occurs more often in smokers who started smoking at an early age. And the attacks of the disease, leading to early death, smokers are found four times more frequently.

The smoking is related with intermittent claudication - a disease that develops as a result of arterial disease of legs and feet. Under the influence of nicotine vessels of the brain wear, fatigue develops, there are headache, memory loss, decreased muscle power. Tobacco smoke adversely affects the lungs and bronchi. The result is a chronic inflammation of the airways. Smokers often suffer from bronchitis. The incidence of lung cancer in smokers is ten times higher than those who do not smoke.

Now the focus is on providing treatment for all those who want to quit smoking. Measures to combat smoking should be primarily in educational work. However, to give up this bad habit for those who became involved, is not easy, but it is possible when there is a desire and willpower. Better quit smoking immediately. Discomfort will soon disappear.

Author: Shamardak M.V., head of student clinics