Smoking kills!

There is no need to list all the facts so that a sensible person may find out the harm of smoking. Firstly, about 25% of smokers die of cancer, heart diseases or a stroke. Secondly, it can lead to atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, gastritis, gastroenterocolitis, myocardiodystrophy, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, coronary artery disease and other maladies. Thirdly, smoking increases the risk of cancer among women, taking contraceptives at that time. Pregnant ones take a chance to miscarry or damage the nervous system of a baby up by 20%.

Moreover, people who live with smokers become passive smokers and jeopardise their health much more then active smokers. Second-hand smokers are observed to be prone to cancer up by 30%. Most of all children from “smoking” families suffer. A 20% increase of asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia is noticed among them.

Giving up on smoking positively affects health straight away. In a short time the proneness to severe illnesses, infections and smoker’s cough decreases by far. Breath becomes fresh.

The refusal is indeed one of the most important changes in the life of a smoker. You should recommend quitting even if he/she is indifferent to it. The key is to alter the attitude to smoking and make him/her understand it harms the health.

Many smokers believe that their body is badly damaged and it does not matter when or why to give it up. In actual fact, it matters. The harm to the body is caused with every cigarette, that is the sooner they quit smoking the better. A person can avoid premature death in case he/she succeed in “dropping a cigarette” before the germination of cancer, heart disease or chest trouble.

Experienced smokers often say that the refusal will have detrimental effect on their health. It is a fallacy virtually. However, it should be mentioned that a drastic change of a lifestyle, especially among elderly, can backfire. That is why it would be better to give up smoking under the supervision of a doctor. But do not afraid of it and remember that your health is only improving. You can see a doctor on the off-chance.

It has been said that upon quitting people put on weight. There is indeed weight gain during the first 2 weeks, but after restoring metabolism, it normilises. Dairy products, plant food and strenuous exercises are recommended throughout.

Some eggheads consider a cigarette to concentrate their attention. But they should also remember that nicotine leads to the depletion of brain energy. Tobacco becomes a sort of drug and a person cannot do brainwork without smoking nonstop.  However, nicotine in vast quantities can bring about headaches, dryness and bitterness of a mouth or heart cramps.

Smoking is thought to be chic, upmarket and kind of grown-up among the youth. For some reasons boys believe that girls like them smoking, although no one can confirm it. On the account of chic, it should be mentioned that in developed countries there is a tendency towards non-smoking. Not to mention prestige, as smoking is the feature of low social classes.

The anecdote for this matter:

A journalist asks a grizzled, wrinkled, stooped old man:

  1. I guess you don’t drink vodka?
  2. Why on earth? A pint every day, of course!
  3. You don’t smoke then?
  4. What do you think, two packets, as is right and proper!
  5. But how do you manage it at so ripe old age?
  6. How dare you? I’m just 32.

It is investigated that smokers live less than non-smokers by 10-15 years. Every 10th person dies of the very smoking. Consider this for a moment, is the habit worth it?

V. Miroshnyk