"The tobacco pandemic - a contagious disease that is transmitted through advertising, through smokers and through the smoke, non-smokers are exposed to whose actions, especially children," Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director General of the World Health Organization, 1999.

In Europe there is a war - a dumb war against life. It began in the time Columbus discovered America. Unlike the Indians, European tobacco is not a natural plant, turning into poison, it kills him both physically and genetically, harming descendants. Revenge Indian-Europeans conquerors unfolded in space and time. Monarchs of Britain, France, Turkey, Japan, Italy and Russia severely punished for smoking even death, religion preached anathema smokers, but the enemy seemed stronger. However, no punishment can be compared with this gradual, self destruction of the body. Each of smokers, is well aware of the perfidy of the enemy, and most conscious are even trying to get rid of. But the only thing that can help to get rid of the senseless slavery - is your own mind, consciousness and desire.

Solve this problem in favor of your life, youth, descendants, step by step, rule by rule, you must go all the way - to the last cigarette.

Quitting smoking is not easy, so prepare for this step must be carefully and beforehand and you might do it.

Lets go through those stages together!

Stage one - preparatory and psychological.

Do you know exactly why you quiting smoking and what benefits you will get by giving up smoking? Realize that you won’t feel the result the next day, but after a few months you will notice a reduced cold, cough, runny nose, and shortness of breath, lung tissue will recover, resume the growth of nerve cells - the body will begin to rejuvenate and clean, and, in addition, in one year you can save more than 1,000 hryvnas and spend it on something interesting and useful. The world will again be bright and exciting. Perhaps there are other reasons, consider and outline them.

Rule 1. Revise previous attempts to quit smoking.

What triggers your desire to smoke - rest, coffee, a person who smokes, need to do a boring job, boredom, bad mood, alcohol, food, hunger, end of conversation, watching TV, music, stress, joy ...

Rule 2. Decide what you will do in these situations without smoking.

What will replace smoking in your life - maybe sports, maybe nature, hobby.

Set yourself that you quit smoking for good!

Rule 3. Provide yourself with a support of others and close people, preferably all complicated, in your opinion, points to discuss with the physician, make a plan to solve the problem.

Warn the family, friends and colleagues not to smoke if they are located in the same room with you and do not leave cigarettes and cigarette butts.

Rule 4. You need to think about how to change your behavior after release: What did you do in situations where you previously smoke:

  • Stock up means that you can hold in your hand or mouth instead of cigarettes: it may be toothpicks, candy, chewing gum, nuts, specially-made sticks and more.
  • Find new and interesting ways of spending time - walking, hiking, athletics, billiards, jogging, tennis, game of chess, backgammon, drawing, learning, management.
  • Change habits: drink tea instead of coffee, change the route to and from work, avoid alcohol, arrange the trip for you to interesting places, meet new people, non-smokers.
  • Find new ways to reduce stress: a hot bath, walk in the sauna, discos, concerts, read books or watch movies, travel the city, communicate, zakohaytesya last.
  • Avoid socializing with smokers - because passive smoking is also harmful and can trigger your desire to smoke.
  • Each day plan for yourself some pleasant events, meetings, business, try to make yourself happy, find reasons for gay humor, enjoy life, forgive, communicate with those who love you.

Remember, quiting smoking means be string, prove your strength, and it will help you in other situations.

Stage two - very specific rules on each day:

  1. Assign a day to quit smoking, call it a health care day . It is desirable that it was within two weeks of the decision.
  2. Tell about your decision to friends and family who have supported you in this.
  3. Remember that you always have a choice, and every time you want to smoke a cigarette, tell yourself firmly: "Even if I want to smoke, but now I choose health!"
  4. The desire to smoke comes in waves. Try to cope with this desire without cigarettes.
  5. If you feel an unbearable desire to smoke, inhale the air several times, as if you smoke a cigarette, eat candy or drink any alcoholic beverage.
  6. Avoid situations that provoke your smoking. Do not abuse alcohol, avoid smoking company in the first weeks after smoking cessation.
  7. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, preferably use nicotine medication and consult a doctor about medications against smoking.

Stage three - overcoming nicotine withdrawal.

If you smoke more than five - ten cigarettes a day, it is likely to have withdrawal symptoms when stop smoking. Every 1-2 hours the body will feel the need for nicotine. This syndrome can last from several days to several weeks after smoking cessation. You may become irritable and agitated, have difficulty falling asleep, concentrating and cases of sudden mood changes. These withdrawal symptoms usually smoking is the cause of failure of attempts to quit.

Here you may use the aid of various methods of withdrawal treatment. These are  reflexology, which includes one or two sessions electroacupuncture points on the ear and body after 16-18 hours without smoking. Or nicotine gum Nikorette which releases nicotine in the mastication. It will supply the body such doses of nicotine, which is sufficient to overcome the withdrawal symptoms and safe for health - chewing nicotine enters the body, and block such components of tobacco smoke as tar and carbon monoxide of falling in your body.

Thus, the body gradually forget the nicotine that allows to quit smoking completely in a month.

Stage Four - exercise, nutrition and cleaning.

During the years spent smoking, your body has suffered huge losses: dirty lungs, bronchi, blood and lymph vessels, weakened heart muscles and body, worse began to work the stomach, liver, brain. So it is time for renewal and rejuvenation.

The speed and effectiveness of this will give you food, enriched with vegetables, fruits, juices, fiber, fresh meat, fish, vitamins A, C, E, B, exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body and the heart, breathing exercises and exercises for body cleansing . Remember the main thing - the regularity and desire!


  • Assign own health care day.
  • Tell friends and family.
  • Remember, your choice is health.
  • Avoid situations that provoke smoking.
  • If you want to smoke - breathe air several times and drink water.
  • Go in for sports.
  • Eat right and clean yourself.
  • Engage in physical education.

Stage five - you are free.

Now you are free, but should consolidate the progress, visit at least once a fortnight sauna or steam room if you do not have a contraindication to, three times a week go to athletic hall or run on fresh air, swim, harden yourself, go fishing, communicate , live an interesting life - be independent!