Shpilka Oleksander Oleksandrovich. А journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Among the winners of the university competition "Young teacher and researcher in 2013," it was named Olexander Shpilka - young scientist from FRE. According to him, in his work, he is committed to finding and implementing new ideas that bring both benefit and moral satisfaction.

Olexander graduated in 2008 Master's degree in "Radiotechnics" speciality  at the Department of the department of radio engineering devices and systems. Immediately, he was invited to teach in his native department of the discipline "Computer Engineering and Programming" as an inquisitive young man while still a student has been fond of writing different programs for microcontrollers. Subsequently he enrolled in graduate school, where, under the guidance of Professor S.Ya.Zhuk was dealing with the problems that arise in the communication channels of the multipath signal. In 2012, Alexander introduced to protect his scientific development and received the title of candidate of technical sciences on a specialty "Radio equipment and telecommunications facilities." He has participated in various international conferences and has several publications in international journals.

But the life of the young researcher is not limited by the science. Now Olexander Olexandrovich is the Associate Dean of FRE for educational work. He  communicates easily with the students, because he remembers his institute years and the problems that then arised. Therefore, Olexander always adequately assesses the situation and makes good decisions, for which he is respected by students and colleagues.

In his spare time, Olexander is working with students: helping to implement their ideas in the field of radio engineering, to prepare for various competitions and Olympiads. And San Sanych (so he is called by his students for understanding and a friendly character) has been actively involved in the preparation and holding of cultural events at the faculty, particularly in the organization of the Day of the radio department, which has outgrown the boundaries of the university holiday.

Therefore, we wish the young teacher-researcher Olexander Shpilka further creative achievements and successful career.

Inf. RTF