Pulinets Igor Valer'evich. Teacher-researcher of the FCE

Igor V. Pulinets - a graduate of the department of theoretical and industrial heat engineering NTUU"KPI" in 2009. Starting from the IV year he combined study with the scientific and technical work in SRC "Resource-saving technologies" NTUU"KPI", whereby his graduation projects Bachelor's and Master's performed on the basis of actual contractual work.

Pursuing research work, I. Pulinets showed the ability to find solutions of complex scientific and engineering problems and to implement them practically, so after graduation has been recommended for admission to graduate school at the chemical, polymer and silicate machine engineering department  (CPSME) NTUU"KPI".

I.Pulinets scientific achievements and developments related to advanced industries such as ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, in particular, numerical modeling and experimental investigation of processes thermohydrodynamics and complex heat transfer occurring in industrial chemical production units, as well as the development of energy-saving technologies in electrode production .

While working on his thesis I. Pulinets achieved significant scientific and practical results on the development of rational design and operation process procedures kilns carbon and graphite products allowed to improve the process and to implement the results of work in production at JSC "Ukrgrafit." June 20, 2013 successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Improving the efficiency of carbon and graphite products kilns" under the guidance of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher AY Karvatsky.

After finishing graduate school he continues to work at SIC "saving technologies" as  a researcher and part-time engaged in teaching, working as an assistant at the Department of CPSME. He frequently takes part in the scientific work on the state budget and contractual subjects, the results of which are introduced in various enterprises of Ukraine and CIS countries.

I. Pulinets actively participates in international scientific conferences, has authored more than 50 publications, including 3 monographs, 12 scientific articles in professional publications of Ukraine, Ukraine 2 patents for utility models and reports on conferences of different levels.

According to the results of his scientific activity I. Pulinets awarded a scholarship the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists NTUU"KPI" for 2012-2014, and is a winner of the University of the contest "Young teacher and researcher in 2013."

Its scientific achievements I. Pulinets obliged colleagues SRC " Resource-saving technologies ", in particular E.N. Panov, A. Ya. Karvatsky, S.V. Leleka et al. Currently he is working on the development of high-temperature units electrode production - calciner filler and graphitized preforms.

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