Expert in dispersed generation sources

We are witnessing the increase in energy consumption resulting in critical environmental pollution and climate change. Experts predict that providing economically advantageous, technologically more sophisticated and less resource-consuming conditions for the functioning of the grid, in comparison with the traditional enlargement, may spread the small power plants on renewable energy sources – water, wind, solar energy, biogas – near consumers (not large enterprises, settlements, households, etc.). Consumers themselves produce energy at the place of consumption, and “smart” networks distribute surpluses, regulate the balance of production and consumption, serving as functions of the center of dispatch control. The imposition on nature decreases, losses are minimized when electricity is transmitted over long distances, dispatch control is optimized.

The senior lecturer of the IEE Power Supply Department, Denys Grygorovych Derevyanko, who is the winner of the University Contest “Young Teacher-Researcher 2017”, works on such problems.

His research and scientific work began at the IEE Master course, where, in the framework of the chosen topics, he studied the realms of electric power systems with the integration of various sources of dispersed mineralogy. This study resulted in four articles (co-authored with leading IEE specialists), which were published in relevant compendiums and translated into English. The work continued in the graduate school. D.G.Derevyanko successfully defended thesis “Evaluation of the efficiency of regulation of energy processes in local electrical systems with sources of dispersed generation” in December 2016

Scientific interests of Denys Grygorovych cover a wide range of issues. His scientific achievements make up more than 20 publications in international and domestic professional editions of Ukraine. He approaches the problem clearly, with a balanced argument, to reveal the problematic issues, including during the educational process. Students appreciated creativity and creative approach to teaching disciplines.

In the educational process D.G.Derevyanko introduces modern technologies – business games and competitions, as well as stimulates knowledge of English by students, teaching the discipline “Sustainable Innovation Development” exclusively in English. He sees the perspective of learning in a shared accumulation and transfer of his own experience through a developing dialogue. Denys Grygorovych is a responsible and attentive curator who is always ready to give advice or help. He is respected by his colleagues, mentors and students for diligence, openness and courtesy.

We wish the young researcher further creative search and self-realization.

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