Volodymyr Shymkovych: expert of neural network steering system

FIOT scientist Volodymyr Shymkovych was mentioned as one of the winners of university’s contest “Junior teacher-researcher 2018”.

He graduated from school with gold medal in 2004 and then entered Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He has been working as a lecturer of ACTS department since 2010.

Students attend his lectures about system design of computerized and intellectual steering systems, computer electronics and microprocessor equipment with pleasure. Apart from teaching profession, V.Shymkovych carries out a big amount of methodical and organizational work, he’s academic secretary of ACTS department.

Young researcher is interested in computer-aided steering system design, intellectual systems design and their components. The subject is currently important, because modern stage of equipment and technologies development is characterized by quick growth of complexity in technological systems. The question of synthesis of technological objects steering systems in conditions of uncertainty is one of major problems in current automatic control theory.  It associated with subject to control complexity (structural, parametric and informative uncertainties in controlled object description) as well as with complexity of control tasks (multicriteriality of optimization problem, absence of admissible analytic decisions, necessity of taking into account all characteristics and so on). Intellectual steering systems can complete such hard tasks.


Today the scientist prepares for defending a dissertation and for getting the degree of Candidate of Science.  He offers new solution for sci-tech problem of improvement the effectiveness of neural network control components that allow to synthesize neural network steering systems which function and adapt in real-time environment including specific character of control task. Obtained results can be used for projection of control neural network steering systems which can function and adapt in real-time environment. These neural controllers can control complex non-linear commercial and military technical objects.  Candidate of Science, senior lecturer in ACTS department P.I. Kravets is the supervisor of studies.

Volodymyr Mykolayovych Shymkovych published 37 works, which include 10 articles in qualified journals of Ukraine, prepared 22 reports at foreign, international in Ukraine and All-Ukrainian conferences, 15 of which which are included in scientometrical databases, 9 articles were published abroad (USA, Germany, Romania, Poland).

The young researcher actively pulls in students to the study. 18 published works are made in association with students. They do researches according to the methods, technologies and hardware equipment and stands developed by V.Shymkovych.

Also he is individual contributor of State budget and companies’ order subject matters. Today Volodymyr Mykolayovych makes researches at specialized laboratory of information technology and embedded systems of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.