The friction assemblies will last longer

Modern high-tech industries such as aircraft manufacturing, space industry, automotive industry, military industrial complex and others, have led to the demand for laminated metal and metal-ceramic materials capable of operating effectively under rather harsh conditions.

Prize from the President of Ukraine for IPT scientists

Young scientists, Candidates of Science, associate professors Dmytro Progonov, Sergiy Yakovlyev, Oleksiy Baranovskyi received a Prize from the President of Ukraine in 2018 for the work «Models and methods of cyber security of restricted information in ICT systems»

Nesterko Artem Borysovych: How to manage the power system optimally

Among the works awarded the President of Ukraine Prize for Young Scientists in 2018, the attention of experts is drawn to a study by a team of scientists "Measures and means to improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply and reduce electricity losses in renewable energy systems." Am

The IFF has created unique superhard materials

At the Department of High-Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D. Iiyna Yuriivna Trosnikova, and Senior Researcher, Ph.D. Yevhen Vasylovych Solodkyi created new superhard ceramic materials, based on tungsten carbide, boron suboxide and molybdenum borides, for operation in extreme conditions

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