Modern high-tech industries such as aircraft manufacturing, space industry, automotive industry, military industrial complex and others, have led to the demand for laminated metal and metal-ceramic materials capable of operating effectively under rather harsh conditions. Their reliability and durability determine the competitiveness of domestic engineering products. Young scientists of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute  Ruslan Boris, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of MMI and Andriy Cherny, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of FW, dedicated their work  to the development and implementation of innovative technologies of manufacturing of high-tech engineering products with laminated metal and metal-ceramic materials.  The work was awarded the Prize of the President of Ukraine for Young Scientists.

The complex scientific approach to the decision of the certain task has allowed to develop a designing technique of technological process of bimetallic tubular elements manufacturing and new design as well as technological decisions on its perfection.

Specialists emphasize that using mathematical modeling, the authors were able to link the parameters of layer flow, the degree of deformation and parameters of the stress-strain state with the resulting mechanical characteristics of bimetallic materials and provide them with appropriate values of shear resistance.

Young scientists offered the technology not only to create, but also to restore damaged areas of small size coatings thanks to the developed design of the plasmatron.

Proposed technological solutions aimed at saving rare non-ferrous metals used in the manufacture of aircraft engines. Technical recommendations of plasma spraying are elaborated to prevent development of microcracks in separate deformed fractions, to increase durability of coatings by 5-6 times, corrosion-erosion stability by 2-3 times, the limit of bending strength of the metal-ceramic coating composition by 20%.

97 publications, including 2 monographs, 36 articles (2 in foreign publications), 59 abstracts were publicized on the subject of the work. 17 ukrainian patents for useful model were obtained. The results of work have been implemented at industrial enterprises of Motor Sich JSC and Ivchenko-Progress ZMKB.