Young scientists, Candidates of Science, associate professors Dmytro Progonov (Department of Physics and Information Security Systems), Sergiy Yakovlyev (Department of Mathematical Methods of Information Security), Oleksiy Baranovskyi (Department of Information Security) received a Prize from the President of Ukraine in 2018 for the work «Models and methods of cyber security of restricted information in ICT systems».

Lead corporations of the world (FireEye, Google, Facebook, Cisco and others) develop intelligent systems to defend information and communication systems security of organizations and establishments. A special attention’s paid to creation of an automated complex of detection and taking countermeasures against dropping of restricted information of certain organizations during user’s messaging in generally accessible informational systems, especially email, social network sites and so on. Solving of this problem is complicated because of regular improvements of popular communication channels and new adaptive methods of information integration into existing information flows that lead to large decline in accuracy of their detection through the use of commonly used methods. So, searching for universal methods that can detect fixed messages even in conditions of prior information limitation about specific character of used secretion methods is very important.


Authors of the work formed conceptual basis of information protection with limited access during passing data between elements of critical information infrastructure. The methods provide an opportunity to improve accuracy of detection of abnormal users’ activity in information and communication systems during flow analyses reduction. The developers offered new methods of detection of hidden passing of private data during users’ messaging in information and telecommunication systems.

The methods make it possible to detect hidden messages (steganography) to a high precision (more than 0,95) under the prior information limitation conditions for a count of the used hiding method and detect effective methods of steganography destruction under minimization of container fail conditions.

Analytic estimations of firmness of distinguishing cryptoanalysis for wide class of blocked codes of SP-network structure were proved. Generic methodology for estimating firmness of distinguishing cryptoanalysis for blocked codes of different structures that are used for information flows defense in critical information infrastructure was offered.

The work results were implemented at V.M. Glushkov Istitute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine, National bank of Ukraine, Foreign intelligence service of Ukraine, development laboratory «Storm» of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and other establishments. The results of the work were displayed in 20 articles (7 – foreign issues) and 74 conference procedeedings.