Among the works awarded the President of Ukraine Prize for Young Scientists in 2018, the attention of experts is drawn to a study by a team of scientists "Measures and means to improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply and reduce electricity losses in renewable energy systems." Among the authors - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Power Systems Automation FEA Artem Borysovych Nesterko.

He spoke about the importance of the task that scientists are working on: "According to the Law of Ukraine" On Alternative Energy Sources ", the main principles of state policy in the field of alternative energy sources are to increase the production and consumption of energy produced from renewable energy sources (RES), in order to economically use traditional fuel and energy resources. Currently, the most actively developing types of RES in Ukraine are wind and solar power plants. At the same time, in the conditions of increasing the share of RES in the energy balance of the unified energy system (UES) of Ukraine, the task of regulating the modes of the electricity system with the involvement of RES becomes especially important. "

Therefore, the development of power systems, an increase in the requirements for reliability and quality of electricity supply together with increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy balance require further improvement of methods and means of managing power systems.

The authors conducted research on the modes of operation of the electrical network with renewable energy sources and proposed new approaches to the optimal integration of RES in the power system of Ukraine. On the basis of theoretical researches and experiments favourable conditions for increase of quality of regulation of frequency of the electric power system with renewable energy sources are defined. Scientific bases of methods of optimal control of power flows and frequency regulation in the electric power system with various types of renewable sources in the conditions of occurrence of internal overvoltages are created. The basic conceptual bases of the problem of creating favorable conditions for improving the quality of frequency control of the electric power system with renewable energy sources with the assessment of the influence of asymmetric and non-sinusoidal voltage distortion sources are formed. Methods for improving the functioning of electrical systems with dispersed energy sources are proposed. Their idea is in the coordinated control of the generation of solar power plants and hydroelectric power plants to optimize power flows and reduce electricity losses in local electrical systems.

The work was performed at the Department of Power Systems Automation of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute n the basis of the results obtained by the scientific school headed by the Doctor of technical Sciences., prof. O.S. Yandulsky, in co-authorship with scientists of leading research institutions of Ukraine: Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (candidate of technical sciences V.V. Kuchanskiy) and Vinnytsia National Technical University (candidate of technical sciences I.O. Gunko).

The proposed methods and measures are aimed at improving the functioning of wind and solar power plants in the UES of Ukraine and contribute to solving a number of energy, environmental, social, economic problems that are important. The obtained results testify to the possibility of transition to new principles of regulation, which would, using telemetry data, increase the efficiency, economy and reliability of electrical systems. The results of the work were implemented at state-owned enterprises, which are subordinated to the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

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