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KPI park

Caramel tree: barberry, Berberis, Kislyanka, sour blackthorn

KPI campus. Caramel tree: barberry, Berberis, Kislyanka, sour blackthorn

In recent years, many city residents were drawn to the dacha plots: try a new business - gardening, horticulture - and benefit from it, and perhaps pleasure.

Green Falls – Lapina the box elder [(Pterocarya pterocarpa) nut family (Juglandaceae)]

Кампус КПІ. Парк КПІ. Лапина ясенелиста

Park KPI is not only an decoration of the university territory, it can be considered a hallmark of the district and the city. Part of the collection was assembled over a century ago, from different continents and climate zones, preserved to this day to the admiration and delight.

Sumac (Rhus L.). Campus decoration, honey plant and spice.

Кампус КПІ. Сумах (Rhus L.). біля шостого корпуса

At the elegant glade near the pump-room, which was chosen by the young mothers-grandmothers, right from the iron giant – locomotive,  unusual tree-shrub, spectacular and attractive, draw an attention. This is the  fluffy sumac – the native from North America.

Manchurian walnut - a guest from the Far East

Кампус КПІ. Горіх маньчжурський біля головного корпуса КПІ

In the right wing of the main building NTUU "KPI", which housed its administrative services, a luxurious tree spreads its branches, from which it is impossible to tear admiring glances during the summer and winter.

In summer – cloud, in autumn - fire: sumac usual, paradise tree, sumac

Кампус КПІ. Скумпія біля головного корпусу КПІ, 2009

Neither the color does not affect a person so as red. Irresistible, exciting, full of the joys of life – it is all about red. There are about 105 shades of "color of passion." No one else has such a large number of shades.

The KPI campus. Park

1903. Алея парку

In early 1899 the management of the Institute appealed to the State Property Management of Southwestern part with request to send from forest seedlings and seeds. From Fastovsky Forestry they had received wild chestnut seedlings from Berdichev - bark, from Yuzvynskoho (station Kalinivka) - lime, from Cherkasy - other trees.

Ginkgo biloba tree

Кампус КПІ. Дерево гінкго білоба за 1 корпусом

Ginkgo biloba can be propagated in three ways: by seeds, offshoots and grafts. Grafts are the easiest way to propagate ginkgo. It is better to take young grafts, cut them late in July, cut the leaves from them and put in the water to form roots. You can add accelerator root there.

Ginkgo biloba L. Contemporary of dinosaurs in the KPI

Image. Гілля та листя гінкго білоба

A strange tree, enclosed by a  short fence, is growing on the back side of the west wing of the main building. In autumn, it drops its strange, painted in golden yellow color leaves, which kids and adults like to collect.

Chestnut - Blooming symbol of Kiev

Каштан - Квітучий символ Києва

Our city is beautiful at any time. But most of all visitors gathers here, apparently still in the spring, when the Kiev white-pink chestnuts are blooming in April, because Kiev is called the city of chestnuts.

Park as KPI decoration

KPI Park

Students and workers of NTUU “KPI” have got used so much to the part on the territory of KPI where they can walk, run in the morning, meet with their friends or even prepare for exams or lectures that they can’t even imagine KPI without its park.



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