Парк КПІ

White willow: fragile and mysterious

We have become accustomed to numerous photo shoots on the background of the university’s first building. It was portrayed in many angles. And the invariable attribute of summer photos is the look through the spruce branches or fragile greens almost century-old willows.

Black Poplar - inconspicuous giant

It stands along the sidewalk where hundreds, if not thousands of people pass by every day during an academic year. Hard to say, if a dozen of them pay any attention to it.

A Sunshining Bush

The landscape of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute becomes more beautiful and attractive: new elements, plantations and compositions appear. A spring blossom palette gladdens.  It would seem that all good corners were visited, explored and photographed. But it is not.

Larix. Tree that deserves respect

It is called exotic plant among conifers. With all the features of the needle, the tree overthrows needles in the winter and in spring it is covered with young greens. Its Russian name originates from this - "lystvennytsa" and Ukrainian one - modryna. Botanists call it Larix.

Trees for Future Generations

Among the oldest and most respected trees of Ukraine there are many oak trees older than 300 years (only 8 of them are older than 1000 years).The legends tell about them.

Geyser health - juniper pyramidal

In our polluted metropolitan areas there are increasingly appeared the blotches of evergreen plantings. Most of them are from a family of junipers, featuring a variety of shapes and forms, but the same property to clean the air.