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Issue № 19 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2014 year

Polytechnic received grants of the ACTIVE project

2014.04.28-29 координаційна рада проекту ACTIVE

On the meeting of coordinating council of the ACTIVE project of EU, the students’ mobility program ЕRASMUS MUNDUS, which was held April 28-29th  2014 in Moldova, in the capital of Moldovan  republic, Kishinev, were selected 120 students, students of post graduate course and staff from 19 par

Contest on energy management

All- Ukrainian contest on energy management was held in NTUU “KPI” April 14 -17, 2014 on the basis of the institute of energy saving and energy management. The representatives of 11 well -known universities of Ukraine tool place in this contest.

Taras Chyrka is researching high-temperature processes

Фото. Тарас Чирка

In modern industry bulk solids are widely used. Besides in metallurgy and electrothermal industries we can’t manage without coal-like powder with definite electric, chemical and thermal characteristics.

Conference on business management

2014.04.24 Conference on business management

April 24, 2014 V National Scientific Conference "Modern approaches to  business management" was held at FMM with international participation. The event was supported by the Dean of FMM, Doctor of engineering, prof. O.A.Havrysh, and under the guidance of head of the Department of Management prof.

KPI Students at Chemistry Olimpiad

This year's All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Chemistry was held April 22-25 at the Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University (Dnipropetrovsk). Competitions were held in three categories - "General Chemistry" for students of chemical specialities, "Chemistry" for students of medical, biotechnological, agronomic and environmental professions and "Chemistry" for students of chemical and chemical-engineering specialities.

Training in Kazakhstan

Training in Kazakhstan

In April, we, the representatives of the Department of International Economics FMM Irina Denisova - student of 5th year and Catherine Red'ko - engineer had the golden opportunity to go on training to the best university in Kazakhstan - Eurasian National University. L.M.Humilova.

Watercolors of Sergey Spitz

2014.05.16 Watercolors of Sergey Spitz

"A talented person is talented in everything" - these words were heard repeatedly during the opening ceremony of the exhibition of watercolors of Sergey Spitz, which opened on May 16 at the Art Gallery named G. Sinitsy Cultural Arts Center "KPI".

Parade of Embroidery

[13.09.2014 | 12:00] Parade of Embroidery

"Looking to Europe, we found Ukraine" - this expression, we nearly winged, residents of Ukraine, can be applied in many situations. The last time the phrase come to mind during the grand event, which took place in Kiev 13th time - by grand parade in embroidery.

For environmental safety

2011. Таланти КПІ. Дорохов Дмитро. Дорога до зими - ФАКС, ВЛ-73, 4 курс.  ІІІ місце у номінації "Комп'ютерна графіка"

Administration of "KPI" has approved plan-schedule of the environmental control (supervision) structural units on compliance with environmental legislation and environmental security in 2014. This document provides sufficient checks monthly university department.

"A day of Japan" in KPI

2014.05.21 "A day of Japan" in KPI

May 21 a charity event "Japan Day" organized by the University in conjunction with the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine and Ukrainian-Japanese Center of NTUU "KPI" took place at NTUU "KPI".

XV International Scientific Conference Academician Mikhail Kravchuk

2014.05.14-17 XV International Scientific Conference Academician Mikhail Kravchuk

May 14 XV International Scientific Conference Academician Mikhail Kravchuk started its work at the physical auditorium of NTUU "KPI".

Smart city technologies in XXI century

2014.04.25 семінар  „Технології розумного міста у XXI столітті”

First International Research and Practice Seminar of Students, Scientists and Entrepreneurs „Smart city technologies in XXI century ” was held in Slavutych on 25th April, 2014.


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