Статті 17 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2014 рік

Swimming 2014

Swimming competition for the Games of the program NTUU "KPI" took place on 16 April at the pool sports complex of the University. The competition was attended by 186 students (161 young and 25 girls).

Aerobics 2014

            Aerobic Gymnastics Championship competition between faculties of NTUU "KPI" was held in Aerobics and Fitness hall TSFVS on April 15.

Gymnastics 2014

Gymnastics competition under Games of NTUU "KPI" in which 84 students from 21 faculty participated was held on April 10. The winners were determined in individual and team standings.

NASU Award for the student of the FBB

Slyvets Maria (BM-81m group), student of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechniques won the student research contest in the Department of General Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Mutually beneficial concord

The department of machine tools and machine design of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering has an effective collaboration with Heidenhain, a German company which specializes in production of control systems for CNC machine tools, high-precision measuring of linear and angular displacements, to

Seminar on World Intellectual Property Day

In today's world the intellectual property rights is one of the most effective mechanisms to regulate the social, economic, scientific, technological, innovative and market-oriented policies of the international community.

The new educational project NETCENG

In November 2013, the European Commission selected for funding the project "New Model of the Third Cycle in Engineering Education due to Bologna Process in BY, RU, UA" – NETCENG, in which our university is the main coordinator from Ukraine.