May 15, 2014 was opened XV International Scientific Conference in honour of the Academician Mikhail Kravchuk, the most prominent Ukrainian mathematician of the twentieth century, full member of YUAN, world-renowned scientist.

Kravchuk worked in different areas of mathematics (higher algebra and mathematical analysis, the theory of differential and integral equations, probability theory and mathematical statistics, etc.) are of a great value to the world of science. Kravchuk's scientific ideas will be studied, deepened and developed because he saw far and wide! His ideas and discoveries have every perspective to be developed and used. Analyzing the potential of national science in the 30s he wrote: "We have every right and reason to hope that in the near future such scientific mathematical training will make our school a mathematical center of global significance."

On the pages of scientific researches already were Kravchuk's polynomials, moments, formulas, oscillator and now (2001) due to the search of a scholar I. Kachanovsky from the U.S. it appears that Kravchuk stood at the forefront of the invention of the world's first electronic computer!

This great scientist-mathematician is almost legendary figure. Son of Heaven, poet among the silent knight mathematics, creator of the music numbers titanium mathematical thought, coryphaeus Mathematics, Ukrainian Math pride - this is an incomplete list of those epithets given by scientists, writers and journalists ...

He lived and mingled with immense love for Ukraine and for mathematics, and for his short life he worked tirelessly and creatively to the benefit of science and education of his country. His brain was working so hard that it seemed to be about to explode; he was deeply immersed in continuous researches and creation. "My Love - Ukraine and mathematics" was his credo.

He was a true poet of formulas, for him math was a pure creativity, inspiration and joy. He was also a gifted teacher. His lectures had a power, immense depth and beauty of mathematical thought. Students attended his lectures with a great joy.

The life of this outstanding scientist and mathematician was bright like a flame, but in 1938 it was extinguished after a few years in harsh Kolyma camps.

However his name returned in Ukrainian scientific pantheon. He became a great example for current and future scientists in Ukraine and abroad.

As a true son of Ukraine Academician M.Kravchuk always considered his own diverse research activities as patriotic thing, as public affairs. His name is among the most prominent names of world mathematicians of the twentieth century. He left his mark in the development of Ukrainian science in the difficult progress of our people to national rebirth and state.

            Kravchuk is author of over 180 scientific publications, including more than a dozen books on various branches of mathematics: algebra and number theory, theory of functions of real and complex variable theory of differential and integral equations, mathematical statistics, probability theory and so on.

The results obtained by M. Kravchuk during the years of scientific work can be attributed to the following main areas:

- Researches on the theory of commutative matrices, quadratic and bilinear forms, linear transformations, the theory of algebraic and transcendental equations, number theory;

- Researches on some theories of functions of real and complex variables;

- Development problems of interpolation, least squares method development in the theory of approximate solution of differential and integral equations;

- Creation and mathematical justification of generalized method of moments, its application to approximate solution of ordinary linear differential equations, partial differential equations, integral equations, etc.;

- Development of the theory of correlation using the method of moments in mathematical statistics;

- The introduction and application of polynomials associated with the binomial distribution (which are now known in world literature as Kravchuk polynomials).

Soon after Ukraine became independent in 1992 was celebrated a 100th anniversary of Kravchuk's birth. His name was put on the line of the UNESCO International calendar prominent scientists. The same year was held the first international scientific conference dedicated to the memory of academician M.Kravchuk in National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; these scientific forums were completed in Lutsk college and Chovnytsia country. In "KPI" over the next few years fourteen of these conferences were held. They are always of great interest in the scientific community in Ukraine and abroad. These conferences are attended by scientists from all over Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Australia, USA, Germany, Poland, China, Japan and other countries.

The main purpose of these conferences is to generalize and encourage scientific research of mathematicians at the same time paying tribute to the great mathematician and patriot of Ukraine who did so much for the development of the mathematical sciences in our homeland.

"Ukraine can rightly be proud of its outstanding son, scholar and a wonderful man, academician Kravchuk passed away in the dungeons of the bloody Stalinist regime in the prime of his academic and social activities.

Beautiful with Christ's face and very intelligent eyes, he passionately loved his country - Ukraine, its people, the language of these people, that from the mouth of Mikhail Kravchuk sounded like a song. In conversations with him I was always bound to "language problem": I wanted to talk to him in Ukrainian, and I thought it was a profanation of the wonderful mild language which he always used (both in lectures and at home) and speaking Russian seemed as contempt of his faith in the diversity and flexibility of the Ukrainian language in that it is not only for the masses but also intellectuals.

He was a real man and scientist "(p. Zuhovytskyy).

 N.O.Virchenko Sci.,
 V.O.Haydey Assoc.
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Translator: Рощик Анастасія ЛА-13