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Faculty of Management and Marketing

Кампус КПІ, Корпус № 1, головний корпус КПІ, весна

Dean: Prof. Oleg Anatolіyovich Gavrish
Address: Room 237, Build.1, 37, Prosp.Peremohy, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Telephone: 204-98-66, 204-98-67, 236-96-73
e-mail: fmm[at]
Faculty day: March 31

Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics (TPE), FMM

The department of theoretical and applied economics (TAE) holds preparation to the special “Staff management and work economics”. Licensed volume set is: 80 people – full-time training, 50 – extramural studies.

Department of International Economics (КМЕ), FMM

History of International Economy Department dates back to 1937, when the necessity of more profound preparation of engineers emerged in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The department was named as “Industrial engineering and economics”. In different times the department was headed by: Rozenberg I.E., Balakin E.M., Lych M.M., Shudra V.F., Rozenplenter A.E.

Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship (KEP), FMM

Address: Kyiv, Peremohy avenu 37, bulding 7, apt 522
Phone: (044) 204-98-58, (044)4068068

The Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship (KEP) provides a contemporary platform for preparing experts of today''s enterprises.

Department of Economic Systems Mathematical Modeling (MMES), FMM

Telephone: (044) 204-98-59
Address: 03056 Kyiv, Peremohy av. 37, NTU "KPI", building 7, room. 315

Department of Management (KM), FMM

Department of Management was founded in 1988. At first (until 1991) it was called "Production management". In the department were assigned the task of organizing the training of specialists in production management, methodological management of educational process and scientific research in the CPI in the field of production management, in-depth training of managers target production.

Collection of "Modern Problems of Economics and Business"

Collection of scientific works created in 2006 on the basis of the International scientific and practical conference "Development of entrepreneurship as a factor in the growth of the national economy" as an opportunity aprobovuvAnni results of their research students of economics "KPI". With a year in its ranks and joined the students of technical specialties.

Journal «Actual problems of economics and management" of management and marketing faculty of NTUU «KPI»

The collection of scientific works of scientists and professors reflected the current state and trends of development in the fields of economic theory and international economics, menedzhementu and marketing. Rozhlyadayutya methods and tools of mathematical modeling


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