Economic bulletin of National technical university of Ukraine «Kyiv polytechnical institute»

Economic bulletin of National technical university of Ukraine «Kyiv polytechnical institute» intended for publication of scientific works of Ukrainian and foreign scientists on economy and business.

Journal are published articles on such scientific subjects: (1) economic theory, (2) economic problems of sustainable development of the national economy, (3) international economy, (4) Industry Economics, (5) the economy of the company, (6) management, (7) marketing, (8) innovation and investment processes, (9) technology as a driver of economic growth, (10) economic and mathematical modeling of business processes.

Economic themes of the journal correspond to the topic of research and studies of engineering and other areas of scientific research university.

The purpose of the journal is to highlight the results of research on the theory and methodology of economics and business management, science and application of results to accelerate sustainable innovation in the economy.

Scope. Journal includes (1) the relevant reports, announced at the international, Ukrainian and university conferences and seminars, and (2) the articles covering the important results of scientific research, and (3) the results of empirical research and modeling in economics and business management.

Journal is intended for distribution and discussion of theoretical and empirical studies of domestic and foreign scholars and experts on economics and business.

Publication, and orders, and Journal enquiries: Journal «Economic Bulletin of National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnical Institute» - an annual publication. Journal can be purchased on request or in-store publishing house "Polytechnic".

Branches of edition of the Journal:

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